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Paul James Updated on June 20, 2022
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Whether you’re new to growing or a horticulturalist, Mars Hydro has you covered with a variety of products for your cannabis cultivation needs – from LED lights to grow tents to fans and filters.

Since 2009, Mars Hydro has been developing top-quality cannabis grow products, such as LED lights, grow tents, and filters. They’ve made it their goal to provide customers with the lowest prices on the market while continuing to improve quality. Currently, Mars Hydro holds CE, DLC, and ETL certifications.

Every purchase comes with a 5-year warranty – so, you can ensure these products are built to last. Not to mention, they come in an assortment of varieties to better fit the type of grow you’re going for. In example, if you have a space in your residents laid already laid out for your cannabis growth, Mars Hydro offers different sized tents to best fit your space.

One of the reasons so many people turn to Mars Hydro is because their products come with a much lower price tag than competitors. However, Mars Hydro lets you save even more with promo codes and frequent sales. If you enjoy our Mars Hydro review, feel free to use one of our coupon codes to help you save on your order!

Mars Hydro

What Lets Mars Hydro Stand Out?

  • A variety of products to help anyone in their first-time grow
  • Many product varieties depending on the type of grow you’re going for
  • Products are very low compared to competitors
  • If you’re new to growing cannabis, there’s lots of information on Mars Hydro’s website
  • Many positive Mars Hydro LED reviews
  • 5-year warranty on LED lights
  • Mars Hydro coupon codes available


  • Wide variety of products to get your cannabis cultivation started
  • Hosts a blog with tons of information on how to grow cannabis
  • International shipping to the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, and China


  • Only LED grow lights can be returned, no other product
  • Must submit application to get bulk order pricing

Mars Hydro Products

The spotlight of Mars Hydro’s product selection is its LED grow lights. These come in a number of series, each with its own respective variations. We’re going to review each of these series along with some of the other products Mars Hydro has on offer. If you’re interested in any of these products, feel free to use our Mars Hydro discount code!

Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LED Grow Light


Mars Hydro’s TS series has been optimized for personal grows. Whether you’re operating out of a grow tent, cabinet, closet, or room corner, these lights are guaranteed white-colored artificial sunlight for the entire grow cycle. The high 2.7µmol/j PPE allows you to harvest up to 2.5g per watt. You can currently purchase the TS series in the following selections:


  • 600 LED 100 WATT for $79.99.
  • 1000 LED 150 WATT for $139.99.
  • 2000 LED 300 WATT (3′ x 3′ or 4′ x 4′ coverage) for $259.99.
  • 2000 LED 300 WATT (2′ x 4′ or 3′ x 5′ coverage) for $259.99.
  • 3000 LED 450 WATT for $449.99.


Each of these lights uses an SMD chip that helps save 30% energy in comparison to traditional grow lights. It also guarantees a minimum of 5-year service life. Not to mention, it’s designed with a reflective hood meant to decrease light loss by 20%.

Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED Grow Lights


If you’re cultivating taller plants (such as hemp) or within a greenhouse, you’ll probably prefer the SP series. These LEDs are densely arranged for more intensive lighting on the plants. They’re also made with a high red light which is optimal for the flowering stages. You can currently purchase the SP series in the following selections:


  • 135 WATT SP 150 for $136.99.
  • 230 WATT SP 250 for $259.99.
  • 300 WATT SP 3000 for $399.99.
  • 650 WATT SP 6500 for $699.99.


Each of these lights is extremely energy efficient with 2.8µmol/j PPE. This allows you to harvest up 2.5g per watt at a longer lifespan compared to the TS series. Not to mention, each SP series light is made using a thick aluminum fin heat sink to ensure an increased 30% cooling efficiency.



For commercial lighting of a canopy or multi-tier grow, the FC series high-quality Samsung LEDs are your best bet. Using a PPE of up to 2.8µmol/j, each watt can harvest 2.5 grams of cannabis. In order to ensure efficiency, these lights are designed using two specific chips: Samsung(LM301) and Osram(660nm). If this sounds like you’re type of LED, Mars Hydro is currently offering their FC series in the following:


  • FC 3000 LM301 LED Grow Light for $329.99.
  • FC 4800 LM301 Commercial LED Grow Light for $599.99.
  • FC 6500 LM301B Commercial LED Grow Light for $799.99.
  • FC 6500 LM301H Commercial LED Grow Light for $839.99.


The most unique feature of these lights is the fact that you can fold them 180 degrees – making them a perfect fit for grow rooms. Furthermore, the FC series LEDs are small, easy-to-install, and incorporate a daisy-chain dimmer (which allows you to adjust lightness from 10% to 100% with a single knob).



The final series Mars Hydro offers is the FC-E. These are designed very similarly to the FC series but are designed with removable multiple bar lights. This comes with two advantages: 1.) it allows growers more control over light distribution and 2.) it’s more cost-effective. Mars Hydro offers their FC-E series in the following:


  • 300 WATT FC-E3000 for $269.99.
  • 480 WATT FC-E4800 for $469.99.
  • 650 WATT FC-E6500 for $606.99.


The FC-E series uses a PPE of up to 2.7µmol/j. They also incorporate an IP65 waterproof feature to allow growers to harvest safely in wet environments.

Mars Hydro 2' x 4' Indoor Grow Tent


Besides Mars Hydro grow lights, the brand also offers a variety of grow tents to ensure the perfect growing environment for your plants. Each is made using an extremely durable framework that support your tent with 140 pounds. Inside, they incorporate high-quality tear-proof, 1680D canvas, and double-stitched heavy-duty SBS zippers lock light to ensure you don’t lose any energy from your LED light.


These tents are also designed for convenience with easy-to-access water-proof trays and a mesh observation window. Furthermore, they use double-sleeved ventilation holes to help with air circulation and temperature control. These tents can be purchased in a variety of sizes (depending on your space) with prices ranging from $65.99 to $349.99.



In order to further create the perfect growing environment, Mars Hydro sells a variety of inline duct fans and filters. Each of these has a specific use and can be purchased as follows:


  • 4-inch inline duct fan with speed control – $69.99
  • 6-inch inline duct fan with speed control – $79.99
  • 4-inch inline duct fan with thermostat control – $99.99
  • 6-inch inline duct fan with thermostat control $109.99
  • 4-inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo with speed control – $109.99
  • 6-inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo with speed control – $139.99
  • 4-inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo with thermostat control – $149.99
  • 6-inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo with thermostat control – $179.99


The purpose of these products is to maintain the peak performance of your plants in a high static pressure environment. They allow for an increased airflow by 40% and are a quiet way to vent excess humidity. Not to mention, they can help in eliminating smells.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kit


If you’re new to growing cannabis and don’t have any of the equipment, Mars Hydro’s grow tent kits are an ideal solution. These come in five different varieties, each of which incorporates an LED light, a grow tent, an inline duct fan, and a filter. Since you’re purchasing in bulk, you’ll be saving more than if you were to purchase each piece individually. Prices range from $279.99 to $639.99.

Buyer’s Guide

Growing Cannabis – How to Get Started

If you’ve never grown cannabis before, you’re going to need the right equipment in order to get started. Luckily, Mars Hydro has you covered. However, if it’s also important to keep a few things in mind before planting those seeds.

First of all, you’ll need to consider the space in which you grow. You’re not going to have the opportunity to move your cannabis around once it’s planted – so, finding the right space beforehand is an absolute must. Preferably, you’ll choose a spot near a window for optimal ventilation.

While grow tents offer the best conditions for cannabis, they aren’t necessary. You can choose a spot in a closet, tent, cabinet, spare room, or corner of an unfinished basement. Regardless of where you choose, be sure that all the equipment you purchase is fit for that area. Mars Hydro details the height, width, and length of their LED lights to ensure you’re only purchasing what you need.

From there, it’s all about doing some research into the type of cannabis you’re growing and what equipment is best suited for that cannabis. Different strains prefer different environments and if you want the most out of your bud, be sure to only purchase equipment that will create the perfect environment for your strain.

Overall Thoughts on Mars Hydro

Whether you’re new to growing cannabis or have been an active cultivator for some time, Mars Hydro has everything you need to optimize the best results for your plants. Not to mention, they are very commercial-friendly in the sense that they offer bulk products and some of the highest-quality LED lights for greenhouse grows.

The best part of Mars Hydro has to be its pricing. For LED lights (and other grow products) of this quality, it’s not hard to find yourself paying thousands upon thousands just to get started. However, Mars Hydro makes it easy for newcomers to have everything they need for less than $1,000. And for those who have larger grow operations, you can guarantee to save on some money when purchasing from this brand.

Since all products come with a 5-year warranty, you can ensure that they will last for at least that long. However, being the quality of these products, it’s likely their lifecycle goes beyond this.

How to Use a Mars Hydro Coupon Code

If you enjoyed our review, you can save on these products by using our Mars Hydro promo code. In order to use this coupon, you’ll first need to make a selection from their variety of products. Once you’ve decided, head over to the checkout section. Within your payment options, you’ll find the opportunity to type in a discount code. Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and you’ll see your savings instantly!

Contacting Mars Hydro

Need to contact Mars Hydro? You can do so through the following methods:


For Sales – info@mars-hydro.com
For Shipping – service@mars-hydro.com
For Warranty – solutions@mars-hydro.com

Phone (Messaging Available):

Standard – 1 (626) 587-8506
Wechat – 8618628970280

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Mars Hydro is currently accepting credit, debit, Paypal, Western Union, bank transfer, and Bitcoin.

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