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CBDNerds Staff Updated on October 8, 2021
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A company that’s proud to be transparent, Nature’s Script is a leading CBD brand that stresses the need for consistent, daily use of their products. Rather than taking them only when you’re not feeling your best, it’s better to take them during times of wellness, too. As you take Nature’s Script CBD products regularly every day, the brand states you can increase and enhance your chances at a positive response.

Whether you’re on the search for a CBD product that provides a wellness boost, help with sleep, pain relief, joint and muscle support, or any other number of things, Nature’s Script has a massive variety of products that could do the job. Lab-tested, sourced from US farms, and 100% organic, we were eager to dive into the range of products the brand had to offer.

Now, we’re here to uncover our experience. Let’s touch on what’s unique about Nature’s Script, what we thought of each product, and the pros and cons of the CBD brand. If you end up wanting to try them out yourself, we have a coupon code waiting for you at the end.

What’s Unique About Nature’s Script?

  • Full suite of in-house departments for full control from plant to product
  • Lab tests report 99% purity with no THC
  • Made in the USA, sourced from ingredients of industrial hemp grown on US farms
  • CBD brand stresses the importance of incorporating cannabidiol into your daily life
  • Wholly transparent company wants to make their customers informed decision-makers


  • Variety of potencies and products gives more versatility to consumer
  • All of Nature's Script's products are tested in a third-party lab by the batch
  • Wholesale options available


  • Free shipping options only available on
  • Some products incorporate a hemp

Nature’s Script CBD Products

Unlike many other brands we review, Nature’s Script offers their own products as opposed to partnering with other CBD brands to sell theirs. The Nature’s Script line ranges from CBD gummies to CBD for pets, with just about everything in between. Let’s dive into our experience with each section of their CBD product line.

cbd gummies


Nature’s Script offers a range of gummies in different counts depending on the quantity you need. We got the 5-count pack to sample, but they also have a high potency 60-count and the standard bottle at 15, 30, or 60. The 60-count of the standard bottle contains 900mg hemp extract, while the high-potency 60-count contains 1,500mg.

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natures script e-liquid


Proving to be safer than combustion, vaping delicious flavors of e-liquid is a great way to get your dose of CBD. There are a few different flavors to try out, including Blueberry Jam, Fresh Mango, and Juicy Watermelon. Beyond the flavor, you get to choose your preferred CBD vape concentration: 75, 300, or 1,000mg hemp extract per bottle.

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hemp oil


Well-known as a tincture, the Nature’s Script Pure Hemp Extract Oil packs a punch of potent CBD power. Similar to the vape liquid, you get to choose your preferred oil flavor: watermelon or peppermint. Likewise, you get to pick your oil concentration: 300, 600, 1,000, 2,000, or 4,000mg hemp extract per bottle. These bottles are designed where you only need a few drops of hemp oil a day, placing them under your tongue and letting them absorb for about 90 seconds.

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cbd capsules


Like the gummies, the CBD capsules are available in packs of 5 or the standard bottle sizes, as well as a high potency option. Each capsule has been enhanced with white willow bark and turmeric, offering more medicinal properties than just the cannabidiol compound on its own.

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cbd syrup


Measure out a syrup dose to your liking by taking it straight or mix it with your favorite beverage. The relaxation hemp extract syrup from Nature’s Script is designed as a natural option to provide a lasting sense of relaxation. They offer it at a reasonable price, though it only comes in one flavor right now: Fruit Punch.

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cbd relaxation shot


If you’re familiar with Wellness Shots, then you may be interested to know Nature’s Script Relaxation Shot. Similarly to Wellness Shots, this product is packed to the brim with all sorts of healthy additives, including GABA, white willow bark, turmeric, and, of course, CBD hemp extract. Nature’s Script takes it a step further by adding in melatonin, making this shot a perfect before bed ritual for those who have trouble sleeping. The advantage of taking CBD hemp extract in the liquid form compared to other consumption methods is it’ll stay in your body for a longer period of time.

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pain rub


The Cryotherapy Hemp Extract Pain Relief Gel from Nature’s Script was a new take on the CBD pain topicals we’re used to seeing. The brand combines the most powerful pain relief ingredients nature has to offer into one cohesive formula for ultimate relief. The hemp extract is elevated by organic camphor and menthol for a cooling, long-lasting effect that can penetrate deep for even the most stubborn and difficult pains.

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pet oil


Finally, we were glad to see Nature’s Script CBD didn’t forget man’s best friend. The CBD pet oil is organic-certified and packed with a valuable array of medicinal properties. Designed with pets in mind, Nature’s Script CBD added delicious flavors like roasted chicken and rich beef. The key is to incorporate the pet oil into their daily routine so that it can promote their overall behavioral wellness and health. Likewise, taking it only once only means it can be so effective, so taking it daily makes it more effective over time.

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Buyer’s Guide

Nature’s Script Dosing Recommendation

Deciding the right dosage for you is a personal endeavor and something that takes a little bit of experimenting to figure out. Most CBD professionals suggest you start small and work your way up as this will allow you to understand how cannabidiol affects your body.

There are some factors to consider when it comes to dosings, such as body weight and strength of CBD. The more you weigh, the more CBD you’ll need and the stronger your CBD, the less you’ll need to take.

If you’re using Nature’s Script CBD oil, we suggest starting out with 1 to 2 drops a day and working up from there. It’s important to note that the more you take CBD, the more of a tolerance your body will build. In turn, you may need to take more CBD in order to feel the initial effects.

Nature’s Script Certificate of Analysis

As you shop around for CBD, one thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for is whether or not the company runs their products through a third-party lab test. These tests are designed to check for the potency of CBD as well as any contaminants, including pesticides and heavy metals. All reputable CBD companies will not only run their products through a third-party lab test but also be transparent about the results to their customers on their website.

Nature’s Script makes it easy for their customers to check out the results of their CBD products. If you look at the menu options at the top of their website, you’ll find a “Lab Tests” page. This will lead you to an index of information pertaining to the test results of all their products.

How to Use a Nature’s Script Coupon Code

Has our article got you interested in purchasing from Nature’s Script? If so, we offer promo codes on the side of this page ranging from 12% to 20% off your purchase. In order to apply one of these codes, you’ll first want to make a selection on Nature’s Script’s website. Within your shopping cart, you’ll find an option to type in a discount code. Hit apply and you’ll see your savings instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Nature’s Script offers international shipping to a select number of countries. To find out if they ship to your country, simply go to the checkout and see if your country is an option.

10 User Reviews

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most effective

March 27, 2020 by Nate

Out of all the hemp gummies I’ve tried, Nature's Script's gummies are the most effective. I think you have a winner here. I will rebuy them.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Literally changed my son's life

October 13, 2019 by Lindsey

Nature's Script gummies have done wonders for my 5 year old son’s stress and anxiety. He has been behaving so much better and is able to control his emotions at school and at home. I give them at bedtime, because they make him drowsy. These have literally changed his life.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Tastes great

September 29, 2019 by Courtney

Love the blueberry e-liquid!?? good for anxiety, stress and pain! smooth, tastes great!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Best I've tried

September 20, 2019 by Brittany

I tried the product and it is the best I have tried and the company is by far the quickest and the best people I have seen in this business!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Great products

September 07, 2019 by Deborah

Great products, fast service!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Empty star


August 23, 2019 by Faustina

Nature's Script product is amazing. It has helped me with issues such as anxiety and consistent back pain. Additionally, the customer service agents are helpful and courteous which makes transactions easy.

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July 31, 2019 by Staff

Hi Lonnie, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've updated the Nature's Script coupon codes above. Thanks for your review!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Empty star

Solid company but where’s the coupon code

July 23, 2019 by Lonnie

Nature’s script has great Cbd products that have helped my moms pain and my anxiety. But am I missing something? I don’t see any coupon code on here.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

A Real Find

June 18, 2019 by Carl Hoss

Exploring the edible products of Nature's Script gives products that are useful.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

The best

May 16, 2019 by Gerald

Trying is believing! Normally I’m a skeptical person especially when I hear enormous claims but if it works then it works.

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