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Review Summary

Neurogan offers one of the largest assortment of CBD and other cannabinoid products we’ve come across.

Starting in 2015, Neurogan is a family-owned company with a passion for developing high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products to help bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. They place a strong emphasis on being an environmentally friendly company by ensuring sustainable manufacturing practices and minimizing waste production.

Neurogan develops artisan batches of products – in other words, they don’t make more products that are in demand. Beyond the fact that this ensures all products are fresh and hand-crafted, it also reduces both waste and cost. All of Neurogan’s products are made in a cGMP and Kosher certified facility and they only use a clean CO2 extraction.

One of the most notable aspects of Neurogan is its product selection. With dozens upon dozens of CBD product variations, we guarantee there’s something for everyone here. We invite you to follow along as we take a deep dive into our Neurogan review.


What Makes Neurogan Unique?

  • Very large product selection – something here for everyone
  • Products featuring other cannabinoids (like delta-8 and cannabigerol) along with other all-natural superfoods
  • A family-owned business that focuses on environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • All products are batch tested to ensure quality and safety
  • Subscription service and rewards program allows you to save further on products
  • Military discounts are available
  • Website hosts a lot of information on CBD, hemp, and the company’s manufacturing process
  • Wholesale and private label options are available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Neurogan coupon codes available


  • One of the largest selections of CBD products we've come across
  • Rewards program helps you save on future orders
  • Free U.S. shipping on all orders


  • Large selection may be overwhelming to newcomers
  • All products sold by Neurogan are not approved by the FDA

Neurogan Products

Neurogan has a ton to go over! While we couldn’t fit all their products into a single review, we made sure to pick out the ones we thought were most suitable to discuss. If you’re new to CBD and looking for a company that has variety, look no further than Neurogan. They have everything from gummies, tinctures, topicals, and pet products. Furthermore, each of these comes in a diverse selection of potencies and flavors to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

CBD Oils

When it comes to CBD oils, Neurogan doesn’t hold back as they offer over 20 tincture variations.

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Many of these are offered in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. The key difference between these extraction methods is full-spectrum includes less than 0.3% THC whereas broad-spectrum is THC-free. If you’re worried about failing a drug test, we definitely suggest going with a broad-spectrum blend.

Furthermore, Neurogan offers a variety of different potencies, with total CBD ranging from 500mg to 12,000mg – which is one of the highest potencies we’ve seen! Beyond this, you can also find various flavors such as Citrus, Cinnamon, and Natural Hemp.

However, one of the most notable aspects of Neurogan’s tinctures is the fact that many incorporate other cannabinoid concentrations to change the effects. For example, on offer here is a Cannabigerol (CBG) Focus Oil which includes a hyper concentration of CBG alongside a dose of broad-spectrum CBD.

Neurogan also has a Cannabinol (CBN) Calm Oil alongside other CBD Sprays. Admittedly, the pricing on these tinctures is a bit high compared to competitors. However, we guarantee you’ll know where that money’s going after just one taste.

Neurogan CBD Softgels

CBD Capsules

If you’re not a fan of tinctures and would prefer a daily supplement, Neurogan also has a selection of CBD capsules and softgels.

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CBD capsules are a great choice for those looking for a familiar and convenient way to consume CBD. Each capsule already has a measured out dose and can be taken right in the morning or at night.

Neurogan’s CBD capsules come in 1000mg (20mg per serving) and 3000mg (60mg per serving). They’re made using a full-spectrum extract and are great for on-the-go CBD use. These capsules are priced at $45.95 (1000mg) and $59.95 (3000mg), but a Neurogan discount code can help you save on these prices.

On the other hand, CBD soft gels come in either 1500mg (25mg per serving) or 2400mg (40mg per serving) with pricing ranging from $40.95 to $59.95 respectively. Soft gels may be preferred to standard capsules as they’re easier to swallow and, in the case of Neurogan’s soft gels, are 100% vegan.

Neurogan CBD Gummy Squares

CBD Gummies & Edibles

CBD gummies are one of the most popular ways to consume CBD and Neurogan offers one of the largest selections on the market.

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Currently, you have the option to purchase their CBD gummies in the following:

  • Gummy Squares with total CBD ranging from 450mg ($34.95) to 2700mg ($69.95)
  • Gummy Bears with total CBD ranging from 250mg ($34.00) to 1000mg ($59.95)
  • Sleep Gummies with 1350mg of CBD and a dose of melatonin ($49.95)
  • Delta-8 THC Calm Gummies with 750mg of Delta-8 ($35.98)
  • CBG Focus Gummies with 1350mg of CBD/CBG ($59.95)
  • CBN Calm Gummies with 2700mg of CBD/CBN ($69.95)
  • CBD + CBG Balance Gummies with 1350mg ($59.95)


Beyond the differences in potencies, each of these gummies is formulated to have slightly different effects. For example, the CBN gummies are optimal for those looking to relax whereas the standard CBD gummy bears may be more beneficial for easing stress during responsibilities. Not to mention, those who purchase the Delta-8 THC gummies can expect to experience psychoactivity!

Before purchasing any of these gummies, we highly recommend doing a bit of research into how these cannabinoid variations may affect you. While Neurogan provides a lot of information on its website, it can help to check out the information provided by other platforms.

Besides their gummies, Neurogan also offers CBD mints and two variations of CBD teas. Some may find these more optimal for their CBD use.

CBD Cooling Rub

While Neurogan offers a wide variety of CBD topicals, we found their CBD cooling rub to be the most effective.

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If you struggle with muscle or joint pain, Neurogan’s CBD cooling rub is ideal as it allows you to target specific areas of the body. It’s made with menthol – so, you can ensure a cooling effect prior to the CBD making its way into your skin and providing you with anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, this topical is made using other beneficial all-natural ingredients, including shea butter, sunflower oil, Arnica Montana flower extract, and aloe leaf juice.

You can purchase the CBD Cooling Rub in total CBD ranges from 500mg ($24.95) to 16,000mg ($139.95). The potency you choose ultimately depends on how much pain you’re looking to relieve. For example, if you struggle with chronic pain, you’ll likely benefit from a higher potency. Each of these topicals can be purchased in either a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum extract (with the exception of 4,000mg and 16,000mg which can only be purchased in full-spectrum).

Neurogan CBD Face Cream

CBD Face Cream

If you’d prefer a CBD topical that can moisturize your skin, look no further than Neurogan’s CBD Face Cream.

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While research is limited, some studies suggest you can use CBD as a moisturizer for various skin conditions, including acne and wrinkles. This is the idea behind Neurogan’s CBD face cream which is also made using other moisturizing ingredients, such as Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, and Passiflora edulis (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil. These can be purchased in either 250mg ($19.95), 500mg ($24.95), or 1000mg ($39.95).

CBD Smokables

CBD smokables are most popular among those who seek out immediate CBD relief, such as people with anxiety.

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When CBD is inhaled, it’s able to enter into our bloodstream quicker (thanks to the easy access from the lungs). With that, smoking hemp flower is an ideal choice for those who seek out instant relief from CBD. Most notably, people with anxiety have found smokables to be the perfect solution for sudden anxiety attacks.

Neurogan offers a few different options of CBD smokables with the most notable being their flower. This is grown outdoors and comes with a full range of cannabinoids and specific terpenes, including Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Bisabolol, Humulene. Furthermore, CBD flower is always full-spectrum – so, you’re guaranteed to experience the entourage effect.

Currently, Neurogan offers 5 grams of their CBD flower for $17.98 which is a solid deal. However, if you’re new to smoking cannabis, you may prefer their pre-rolls. Coming in a pack of 5 (with each pre-roll containing 140mg of CBD) for $15.98, these are an ideal solution for those looking to immediately spark up upon receiving their package.

Neurogan also offers CBD cigarettes which are essentially pre-rolls with a cotton-like filter. Like a pack of tobacco cigarettes, these come with 20 individual cigarettes (each containing 70mg of CBD) for $8.08. While CBD cigarettes are effective, they don’t pack as much of a punch as pre-rolls and standard flower because the filter really brings down how much CBD you’re intaking. So, we only suggest this for newcomers or those looking for something that relates to standard cigarettes.

CBD for Pets

Neurogan couldn’t have forgotten about our furry friends and offers a selection of various CBD products for pets.

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Pet CBD products are made very similarly to human products. This is thanks to the fact that our pets also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which allows them to have similar reactions to cannabidiol. However, there are a few key differences with pet products, such as dosage and flavorings.

Neurogan currently offers the following pet CBD products:

  • CBD Dog Oil in total CBD ranging from 500mg ($19.95) to 16,000mg ($139.95)
  • CBD Cat Oil in total CBD ranging from 500mg ($19.95) to 1000mg (29.95)
  • CBD Pet Oil in 4000mg ($79.95)
  • CBD Dog Treats in a 30-count (600mg – $29.95) to a 300-count (6000mg – $189.95)


Before purchasing a CBD pet product, we highly recommend doing research into how different potencies will affect your furry friend. Furthermore, it helps to consider your pet’s ailment (why you want to give them CBD) and speak to a veterinarian to see whether or not these products are right for you.

Neurogan CBD Horse Chews

CBD for Horses

Similar to their pet CBD products, Neurogan also offers horse CBD products in higher potencies.

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These horse products are designed quite similarly to Neurogan’s selection of CBD pet products. They currently offer:

  • CBD Oil for Horses in 1000mg ($33.95) and 4000mg ($69.95)
  • CBD Horse Chews with 600mg (10mg per chew – $39.95)
  • CBD Pellets for Horses in 12,000mg ($129.90) and 24,000mg ($194.00)


Admittedly, since horses weigh more than other pets, it’s likely they’re going to need higher potencies of CBD to feel anything. With that in mind, Neurogan’s CBD Horse Chews probably won’t be as effective as their CBD Oil or CBD Pellets.

Neurogan Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules

Other Superfoods

Beyond CBD and other cannabinoids, Neurogan also offers a variety of superfoods that may help promote a healthy body and mind.

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As you learn more about CBD, you may find yourself wanting to try other natural alternatives – this is especially true for those struggling with specific health conditions that CBD may not be able to improve. Knowing well of all the benefits nature has to offer, Neurogan offers a selection of other superfoods, including:

  • Barley Grass Powder
  • Calming Chews for Dogs
  • Chaga Mushroom Capsules
  • Green Coffee Powder
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Reishi Mushroom Capsules
  • Super Healthy Dog Chews
  • Turmeric Chews for Dogs
  • Wheatgrass Powder


Before purchasing any of Neurogan’s superfoods, we highly recommend doing some research on these supplements as each will provide you with different effects. For example, their Chaga Mushroom Capsules may help fight inflammation and improve immunity whereas their Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are more ideal for those looking to improve brain health and focus.

Buyer’s Guide

Neurogan Dosage Recommendation

All of Neurogan’s products come with a recommended dosage somewhere on the label. It’s likely you’ll want to start with this dosage as it tends to be effective for most people.

However, you may find that this dosage isn’t working for you and that’s okay. CBD and other health products affect everyone differently and, in turn, we all require different dosages.

If you find the recommended dosage isn’t working, we suggest you gradually work your way up. For example, if you’re taking one of Neurogan’s CBD oils, you may want to take one and a half droppers or one dropper twice a day.

Keep in mind that many of Neurogan’s products contain high potencies and, therefore, the strength you choose will have a lot to do with the effects you feel. So, if you find a 500mg tincture isn’t doing much, you may want to try out a 2,000mg product.

Neurogan Certificate of Analysis

Since CBD isn’t regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), CBD companies take it under their own belt to ensure customer safety and product quality. One way they do so is through third-party lab tests that produce a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). A CoA will provide you with a lot of information concerning the CBD product, including its purity and whether or not it contains contaminants, such as pesticides.

Neurogan tests each batch of products they receive with clear information on their website on how to find these batch numbers. Once you’ve located a number, you can conveniently look up the product and learn more about it through it’s CoA.

Overall Thoughts on Neurogan

Neurogan is everything a CBD company should be – from practicing environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes to providing customers with a diverse selection of high-quality products. We guarantee all your CBD needs can be covered under one roof and Neurogan is that shop. While their prices are a bit higher than some competitors, the quality and effort that goes into manufacturing is well-worth the extra payment.

Even still, Neurogan offers a ton of ways to save on these products – from subscription services to a rewards program to promo codes. Not to mention, they offer special discounts to those in need, including military, first responders, medical workers, teachers, and students.


We can’t recommend Neurogan enough and we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more just to try something new. With their product selection constantly being updated, you can assure there will always be something interesting happening at Neurogan!

Neurogan CBD Nighttime Bundle

How to Use a Neurogan Coupon Code

Enjoy our Neurogan review? Luckily for you, Neurogan offers coupons to help you further save on their products. In order to use one of these codes, you’ll first want to make a selection from their variety of products. Once you’re settled, head over to your shopping cart where you’ll have the option to apply a coupon code in the lower right-hand corner (under your total price).

Contacting Neurogan

Need to contact Neurogan? You can do so through the following methods:


Phone: 1 (858) 832-2065


8821 Production Ave
San Diego, CA 92121

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Neurogan offers shipping to select countries (with shipments taking about 5 to 7 business days). If you’d like to learn whether or not Neurogan can ship to your country, we recommend reaching out to them.

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