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CBDNerds Staff Updated on October 5, 2021
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In late 2019, R+R Medicinals became one of the few CBD companies to be USDA-certified organic. While they have a fairly limited product selection, these are some of the highest-quality CBD goodies you’re going to come across.

Located in Denver, Colorado, R+R Medicinals grows all its hemp organically to provide you with some of the safest, highest quality CBD products currently on the market. As a company, they keep their focus on us – the customers – in two different ways. Firstly, they price of all their products responsibly as they believe everyone deserves the all-natural benefits of CBD. Secondly, the company puts a focus on customer service above anything else through a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, veteran discounts, loyalty rewards, and a referral program.

If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned within this article, we invite you to use one of our R+R Medicinals coupon codes that accompanies this R+R Medicinals review.

R+R Medicinals

Is R+R Medicinals What the Doctor Ordered?

  • A collection of high-quality, reasonably-priced products
  • USDA Organic hemp is grown in Colorado, U.S.A.
  • Uses industry-standard CO2 extraction
  • Website hosts a lot of information about hemp and how it can benefit people
  • Great customer service
  • Veteran discounts
  • Referrals and rewards programs + our R+R Medicinals discount code
  • All products ship within 1 to 2 business days upon purchase
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • One of the few USDA-certified organic CBD companies
  • All products are high-quality and reasonably priced
  • Great customer service


  • No international shipping
  • Lack of product variety

R+R Medicinals Products

R+R Medicinals currently offers four product categories to the public. Each of these products is made using the organic hemp grown on their farm in Lamar, Colorado and uses other all-natural ingredients. These products are guaranteed to be rich in terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids to ensure you get the most therapeutic benefits and entourage effect from them. Before purchasing any of these products, make sure to use one of our R+R Medicinals coupon codes to help you save on your total order.

R+R Medicinals CBD Oil Tincture Fresh Mint


With so many CBD oils on the market, it’s difficult to come across one that truly stands out.

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This is why we are such big fans of R+R Medicinals’ phytonutrient-rich tinctures. Each of these tinctures is made with two simple ingredients; MCT coconut oil and full spectrum hemp extract. Through this full spectrum formula, you’re guaranteed to get all of the therapeutic benefits the hemp plant has to offer. People who have taken R+R Medicinals tinctures have claimed it helps with chronic pain relief, inflammation, stress relief, sleep patterns, and even their overall mood.

A standard one-time purchase of 500mg of this hemp extract costs $25.99, which is one of the best deals we’ve seen on the market. However, if you’re looking to save some money, you can either purchase a 3-pack to save in bulk, enroll in their subscription program, or use our R+R Medicinals coupon code. The company also offers their peppermint CBD tinctures in 500mg, 1,000mg, and 2,500mg strengths. An unflavored 1,000mg option is also available.

R+R Medicinals Vegan CBD Gummies Full Spectrum


If you’re a newcomer to this industry, a CBD gummy is probably the easiest way to give cannabidiol a try.

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Each of these is 100% vegan and packed with 25mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. By using fruit and vegetable extracts, R+R Medicinals has developed a pack of gummies that are so delicious, you may need to be careful not to eat too many.

For $44.99, you can get yourself a 30-count jar of these gummies which offers you a total of 750mg of full spectrum CBD. Keep in mind, 25mg is a good amount of CBD, and only one of these gummies is bound to get you to feel something.

R+R Medicinals CBD Softgels Full Spectrum


Similar to the gummies, another way to get people on board with cannabidiol is through a CBD softgel.

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These capsules fit perfectly alongside other supplements you already have in your medicine cabinet and are certain to provide you with a relief you weren’t expecting. Part of the reason that each of R+R Medicinals’ soft gels comes with 30mg of full spectrum CBD. This is one of the higher concentrations of cannabidiol we’ve come across when it comes to CBD capsules.

And for the price of $45.99 for 34 individual soft gels, we can’t think of a more affordable option. If you’re looking for a lighter dose, R+R Medicinals also offers these soft gels in 15mg of full spectrum CBD extract.

R+R Medicinals CBD Pet Tincture

Pet Tinctures

Have a furry friend struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, or another ailment?

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If so, you may be interested to know that CBD works very similarly in animals as it does in humans. Like us, pets also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) and, through this system, have a similar reaction to CBD.

CBD pet products are generally comparable to human products. The biggest difference is the strength. Since pets usually have a smaller bodyweight than their owners, they only need a fraction of the CBD we need. R+R Medicinals has taken this into consideration and offers a 500mg full spectrum CBD oil for just $23.99. Unlike their human tincture, this one is made with grapeseed oil, which is much safer for pets to consume. Grapeseed oil is also a renowned omega oil supplement for pets too. Use a R+R Medicinals coupon to save.

Buyer’s Guide

R+R Medicinals Dosage Recommendation

Finding the right dosage of CBD can be difficult. Though there are a lot of suggestions floating around the internet, there are no set-in-stone recommendations. This is namely due to the fact that CBD remains unregulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Most users of CBD play with both dosage and frequency to find what works best for their body, symptoms, and how their endocannabinoid system responds to CBD. It’s widely accepted that consistency is key, and as the compounds of hemp build in one’s system, the effects are expected to be more impactful.

R+R Medicinals CBD products will have a suggested use on each of their labels. We highly recommend you go off this suggestion first as it tends to work for most people. Remember, consistency is key! While CBD may have an immediate impact on some, it’s more likely that with consistent use for about a week or so, you’ll begin to gradually feel effects as the hemp compounds build in your system. Take that into consideration when it comes to R+R Medicinals softgels and gummies – taking one of these at a time is bound to get you to feel something.

Some people, however, some people may find these suggestions don’t suit their needs. There are a number of reasons as to why this might be, including:

  • Targeting Different Symptoms – If you’re struggling with a lingering ailment (i.e. chronic pain), it’s likely that you’ll need more CBD than someone who’s struggling with a mild ailment. You really have to find what works for you as an individual.
  • Bodyweight – Like other supplements or medications, people who weigh more need more CBD in order to feel the effects.
  • Strength of CBD – Each CBD product you purchase has a strength in milligrams (mg). If you’re using a higher strength product, like R+R Medicinals’ 2500mg tincture, you’ll likely use a smaller serving size, as it is a highly concentrated product. If you’re using a lower potency product, like a 500mg tincture, you would have to consume a greater volume, or multiple servings, to intake the same amount of CBD. Different potencies account for the different prices in similarly sized packages and bottles. The 500mg tincture is generally the average amount on the market, though it is R+R Medicinals’ lowest potency offering.
  • Tolerance – Your body will naturally develop a tolerance to CBD the more you take it. With that said, you may need to take more of it in the future (or now) in order to feel the regularly anticipated effects.


If you believe you aren’t gaining enough of the effects of CBD, we highly suggest slowly upping your dosage. By doing so, you won’t overblow it, and you’ll be able to get an idea of how CBD affects you. Gradually increasing your dose will ensure you give your body time to adjust to it without wasting your CBD.

If you are currently on prescription medication, please consult a doctor before taking CBD. In rare cases, CBD has been found to negatively interact with some prescription medications.

R+R Medicinals Certificate of Analysis

When shopping for CBD online, it’s vital you make sure the company you purchase from has a Certificate of Analysis. These are 3rd-party lab tests that reveal a number of aspects about a CBD product, including its purity, the cannabinoid and terpene count, and whether or not it contains any contaminants, such as heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, or solvents left over from the extraction process.

R+R Medicinals is extremely transparent when it comes to their lab reports and certificates of analysis. Within each of their product’s pages, you’ll find an area where you can “View Lab Results” under the product image. You may also learn about how to read a certificate of analysis and view any product’s analysis by clicking the “Lab Testing” option under the “Learn” menu. In this section, you’re offered a list of each of their products with corresponding lot numbers and tests.  If you’re curious as to the results of your CBD product, simply look for the lot number on your container and match it up accordingly.

R+R Medicinals: A Reputable, Ethical, and Transparent CBD Brand

R+R Medicinals has set themselves up to become one of the most reputable CBD companies on the market. Their transparency and commitment using the highest quality ingredients are exactly what this industry needs more of. We tip our hats to R+R Medicinals for following through with these ethics.

As CBD lovers, we highly suggest you give R+R Medicinals hemp extract 1000mg full spectrum CBD a try. This oil tincture is one of the best CBD supplements we’ve come across and may provide you with the mood support you’re looking for. Not to mention, it’s extremely affordable for such high-strength premium hemp oil.

How to Use an R+R Medicinals Coupon Code

In order to use one of our R+R Medicinals discount codes, you first must make a selection from the products on their website. From there, you’ll want to head on over to checkout where you’ll have the option to type in a “Gift card or discount code.” Simply type in one of our promo codes, hit apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

R+R Medicinals puts an emphasis on quality while providing products at a reasonable price. They only source their hemp from organic U.S. farmers and are a veteran-owned company.

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