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Splitbud Reviews

For quick cannabis delivery in Los Angeles, look no further than Splitbud. They offer a versatile selection of high-quality cannabis, concentrates, and edibles that beat much of what can be found at local dispensaries.

Inspired by the old tradition of you and all your buddies pitching in for some bud so that everyone could pay less to get a little more, Splitbud aims to provide the best deals for the cannabis community by harnessing the very power of that community. They work with the country’s leading distributors, cultivators, and brands to negotiate impressive discount bulk pricing on everything from flower to concentrates. For the consumer’s side of things, AKA you, that comes out to up to 65% off top-shelf cannabis products – delivered straight to your door.

We were intrigued by this online cannabis ordering platform, which appears to focus on the Los Angeles area for service and delivery. Their goal is to never stop finding their consumers the most affordable, reasonable deals on top-quality buds and other cannabis products.

What’s Unique About Splitbud?

  • They look for the best cannabis deals on the market, so their consumers don’t have to
  • With proper identification, you can become verified to purchase and set up delivery
  • Monthly, Splitbud gives back by volunteering with organizations that help feed the homeless
  • Friend referral program is a give $15 and get $15 deal
  • Delivery to the majority of LA County, as well as some outlier cities; they’re constantly expanding


  • Same-day delivery and pick-up options available
  • Variety of products with different strains for various needs
  • Works with much of the California's industry's finest cannabis suppliers


  • No free shipping
  • Prices and inventory changes quite regularly - no option for going back to a favorite
  • For Los Angeles residents only

SplitBud Products

Splitbud cannabis flower White Buffalo strain(1)


Strains from Bubonic Top Shelf, Modcanna, and Honeydew Farms get the spotlight with Splitbud, collaborating with the ordering platform to provide premium-quality bud to LA. No matter what your passion, whether it’s a body-relaxing Indica, energizing sativa, or a hybrid in between, they have a little something to offer everyone. The White Buffalo variety we got to try, for example, contained approximately 24.56% THC and only 0.07% CBD, but it provided a blast of cerebral euphoria that felt like a rush to the senses.

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Splitbud Kiva Milk chocolate cannabis bar


At the time of this review, Splitbud appears to be collaborating with Kiva for most of their edibles, if not all. There’s still a diverse selection of edibles to choose from, like different types of gummies and delightful milk chocolate bars. We went for the chocolate (of course), packed with a modest 60mg THC per bar. Delicately laden with sweet chocolate to nullify the taste of cannabis, it was a pleasant experience all around.

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Splitbud chongs choice kief infused cannabis pre roll


While Honeydew Farms shines in this category with Splitbud just like they do with flower, there are also some Kief-infused pre-rolls from Chong’s Choice featured. Caked in Kief before it’s sealed in an airtight tube until it gets to you, it’s an easy to smoke product that’s as convenient as it is enjoyable. They had an Indica pre-roll that was infused with Kief we got to try; a 1.25-gram pre-roll packed with 20.5% THC and 23.34% total cannabinoids.

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Splitbud STIIZY cannabis THC cartridge


There may be the most diversity when it comes to their vape product options, as Splitbud appears to collaborate with a variety of well-known brands, including PAX, STIIZY, Bloom, Brass Knuckles, Raw Garden, Stick.E.Vape, Pure, Heavy Hitters, and more. Powerful and potent, some of their vape cartridges or disposable vape pens offer 300mg, 350mg, and even 500mg in each pen. We would not recommend these for someone that knows they’re sensitive to cannabinoids or that’s new to the industry, but for someone a little more experienced, they might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Buyer’s Guide

How to Sign Up and Save

When you sign up on the Splitbud web platform, you can upload your ID to verify your identity and that you have legal access to the cannabis products you’re trying to pick up or have delivered. You also get access to exclusive deals, discounts, and pricing that non-members may not be privy to.

Hit the Sign Up & Save button on their web platform to be taken to a signup page, where you’ll first put in your preferred email address, create a password, then type in your delivery zip code and phone number. You’ll verify your phone number on the next page so that the delivery driver can give you a ring when they approach. From there, you upload your ID and get verified in order to set up your first Splitbud delivery.

Splitbud Shipping and Returns

While you can cancel your order up to a certain time period, you can’t modify it or return it once the ball is set in motion. Because they’re just an ordering platform that collaborates with other brands to get you the best deals, they don’t have refund or return options so easily at their disposal.

If you do have a concern about a product that you’d like to see about returning, you’ll likely be better reaching out to the company of the product. However, you can email orders@splitbud.com if there are any questions or you’d just like to request a cancelation – just make sure you include your order number.

Contacting Splitbud

The cannabis ordering platform makes it easy to get in touch with the Splitbud team members. For customer support, they have a comprehensive FAQ section. If that doesn’t answer your question or concern, they also have a “Submit a Request” option on their Contact page. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via support email or phone number:

For general requests, you can email them at hello@splitbud.com

Or, you can call them for customer support at 323-694-5553

They’re also active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you want to try reaching out to them through one of those three social networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Splitbud only delivers within Los Angeles. You can check out this page to find out if your area code is in their radius.

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