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CBDNerds Staff Updated on December 20, 2021
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Review Summary

Steve’s Goods has developed quite a reputation due to its versatile selection of products. Most notably, its cannabigerol (CBG) tinctures, gummies, and isolates.

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Offering a wide variety of products, Steve’s Goods uses local Colorado hemp. Every batch is tested for accuracy and purity, and they get their cannabinoid products through an advanced ethanol extraction method. Their products are of such high quality, they even won Rooster Magazine’s best hemp-derived CBD and best wax in Colorado. They do whatever it takes to make sure their products are the purest, highest quality at the lowest prices possible.

Steve’s Goods takes pride in their products and everything they do – and we wanted to put that to the test. Knowing they had such a massive selection to choose from, we only picked one product from each category. We took note of the extraction method and cannabinoid content for each container, though, to see just how potent each dose is. Let’s dive into our detailed review on Steve’s Goods to find out what’s unique about the brand, our experience on their products, and the pros and cons that make the CBD brand what it is. Stick around until the end, too – we have a coupon code waiting if you want to try them out yourself!

Steve's Goods CBD Bundle

What’s Unique About Steve’s Goods?

  • They offer both isolate and full-spectrum products and explain the differences between both
  • Award-winning CBD products from numerous organizations and events
  • Fast shipping with orders arriving 1 to 3 days after purchase
  • CBD bundle deals available for those who are still trying to figure out their favorite CBD product


  • Products contain a higher percentage of other cannabinoids, compared to competitors
  • Customer service was prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable on their products
  • Wholesale options available


  • Free shipping only available on orders of $75 or more
  • Large product selection may be overwhelming for newcomers

Steve’s Goods Products

The bundle deals were great to see, but the variety in the products themselves was even more interesting. Steve’s Goods doesn’t just offer your typical CBD tinctures and gummies – they do offer those products, but they also have CBD shatter for dabbing, pet products, other edibles, tons of topicals, and so much more.




Steve’s Goods has the standards CBD hemp oil available; a full-spectrum, premium-quality CBD product. They also have different flavors of CBG oil available, though. CBG, as well as CBN and CBC, are other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Combined with CBD, they provide a more intense, potent effect. The terpenes and other added cannabinoids complement the CBD to provide fuller medicinal properties overall.

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CBD Wax and Shatter

The shatter and CBD wax from Steve’s Goods offer a THC-free twist to well-known strains, like Girl Scout Cookies and Pineapple Express. The shatter allows for an extremely potent CBD experience. Depending on the shatter, there’s a CBD isolate, as well as CBD shatter that has added terpenes. If you’re not familiar with dabbing or you don’t have a rig of your own, Steve’s Goods even offers a dab pen to make it easy to get into.

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Steve's Goods CBD Coffee


CBD GUmmies, Coffee, and More

As we mentioned, Steve’s Goods has the classic CBD gummies that are close to our hearts. They also have CBD coffee that kicks things up a notch. Likewise, they have full-spectrum capsules to make cannabidiol medicine go down easy. Whatever it takes for you to get your dose, Steve’s Goods tries to make it easy. Use our Steve’s Goods coupon code to save 10% on these.

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CBD Cream (Relief Balm) & CBD Bath Bombs

There’s the standard CBD pain cream that’s ideal for chronic pain and inflammation, but Steve’s Goods also offers CBD bath bombs we just had to try. They offer a more intensely relaxing bath experience that you’re never quite ready to get out of. The aromatherapy of the essential oils added into the bath bombs only amplified the experience adding lasting effects to their line of beauty products.

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Pet CBD Oil

The full-spectrum hemp oil for pets is guaranteed to have less than 0.3% THC and contains amorphous hemp oil. To help with your pet’s quality of life (and a shiny coat!), the formula also includes salmon oil. Simply administer the doses by putting it straight under their tongue or in their food and drink, depending on how easy it is for them to take it. While most CBD pet products are aimed at just cats and dogs, Steve’s Goods CBD Oil for Pets is great for dogs, cats, birds, and any other furry friend of the world! Stocked full of healthy omegas, it comes in varying potencies for our different-sized pets. Our Steve’s Goods coupons work on these!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. Luckily, Steve’s Goods offers a variety. So, there’s something here for everyone. We suggest you consider why you want to take CBD, the effects you want it to have on you, and doing a bit of research into how different consumption methods will effect your body.

6 User Reviews

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Highly recommended

February 27, 2020 by Jason

I ordered some of full spectrum wax and I must say the flava profile is crazy good I will definitely be purchasing more.

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Slow shipping

October 25, 2019 by Sarah

Slow shipping...

Filled star Empty star Empty star Empty star Empty star

Very surprised

September 24, 2019 by Joey

Do they have customer service?

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Satisfied customer

September 17, 2019 by Jason

Another satisfied customer. Got in on the mango untamed and it’s my favorite so far. Well done. It’s been years we’ve been ordering from Steve now. Always fast, always high quality. Hope your wildest dreams are coming true Steve. You deserve it.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Best cbd company I've ever gone through

August 26, 2019 by Janice

Has a great look smell and taste you feel it almost Immediately highly recommended.

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June 02, 2019 by Ashley


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