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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 18, 2021
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Devin Alvarez started Straight Hemp in 2016 when many around him were struggling with opioid addiction. The company strives to bring high-quality CBD products with the ability to heal and give you your life back.

Straight Hemp is a CBD brand that’s dedicated to maintaining three key aspects of their cannabidiol (CBD) products: the best genetics, the best growing conditions, and the best extraction processes. From seed to shelf, all their products are taken care of and, in turn, we as the public are offered some of the highest quality CBD products currently available.

We invite you to join us as we take a deeper look into Straight Hemp as a CBD company and the products they offer. If you’re interested in any of these products, we offer coupon codes to help you save on your total order.

What Makes Straight Hemp Unique

  • High-quality CBD products that are taken care of from seed to shelf
  • All products contain 3 to 5 times more botanicals than competitors
  • All products are made under cGMP practices
  • All products contain less than 0.3% THC – so, they won’t get you high
  • All hemp is grown organically in the United States
  • Website hosts a ton of information surrounding CBD and other health topics
  • All orders ship within 24 hours of purchase (24 to 48 hours during weekends and holidays)
  • Wholesale options available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Sells high-quality products for a very affordable price
  • All products are developed through cGMP
  • All products are run through a third-party lab test


  • No international shipping
  • CBD is not approved by the FDA

Straight Hemp Products

Though Straight Hemp only currently offers 3 CBD products, we were surprised to see they covered 3 of the main consumption methods; ingestible, inhalation, and topical. This creates a variety for customers like us which is perfect if you find that one consumption doesn’t produce the results you were looking for. To take things further, we were really surprised by the quality of these products. Upon the first taste of CBD, it was obvious to us each product was crafted with special care kept in mind.

straight hemp full spectrum

Straight Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you’ve been looking for a tincture that’s rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, look no further than Straight Hemp’s full-spectrum CBD oil. Each bottle solely contains hemp extract and cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil, making this one of the most organic CBD oils currently on the market.


For just $22.99, you can get yourself a 133mg 4mL bottle of this full-spectrum hemp oil. This is a great option for beginners as the price is very reasonable compared to other CBD brands and the CBD concentration isn’t too overwhelming. However, if you’re looking for something a bit stronger, Straight Hemp has options that go all the way up to 4,000mg!

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straight hemp cbd balm

Straight Hemp CBD Balm

CBD topicals (such as salves and creams) are a great way for various types of pain relief, such as muscle or joint soreness, as they allow you to target specific areas of the body. Straight Hemp’s CBD balm is one of the most unique out there. Not only does each container come with rich full-spectrum hemp extract that’s filled with phytocannabinoids and terpenes, but it’s also made with montana and magnesium to provide you with extra relief.


You can get yourself a 0.18oz jar of Straight Hemp’s CBD balm for just $22.99, each of which contains 88mg of full-spectrum CBD. However, if you’re looking for further topical relief, Straight Hemp has options that go up to a 2oz jar with 1,000mg of CBD!

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Straight Hemp CBD Vape Oil

Straight Hemp CBD Vape Oil

If you’re looking for a consumption method that provides instant CBD relief, vaping is your best option. Many people use CBD vape products as a means of handling anxiety as inhalation allows cannabidiol to enter your bloodstream quicker. In other words, if you’re feeling anxious and need to calm down ASAP, a few puffs of some CBD vape oil may just do the trick.


Straight Hemp currently offers two CBD vape products; their CBD vape oil and a battery + charger package.


If you already have a 510 thread battery, you can purchase the CBD vape oil stand alone for $59.99. Each comes with 250mg of CBD and 500mg of terpenes. However, if you’re looking for something stronger, Straight Hemp also offers a cartridge that comes with 500mg of CBD and 1,000mg of terpenes for $99.99.


If you don’t currently own a 510 thread battery, Straight Hemp also offers this along with a charger for just $19.99. They also allow you to bundle both the battery + charger package along with their CBD vape oil to save some money.

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Buyer’s Guide


Since there are no standards when it comes to the CBD industry, people who decide to give it a try are left having to experiment around before figuring out what the right dosage is for them. For most, this isn’t too big of an issue – especially when you consider that Straight Hemp offers “suggest use” both within their product descriptions on their website and on the labels of each of their products.

However, you may find this “suggested use” isn’t providing you with the effects you desire. If so, be sure to keep the following factors of dosage in mind:

  • Ailment – Why are you taking CBD? We all have our reason and this reason plays a huge role as to how much CBD we’re going to need. For example, someone struggling with chronic pain will naturally need more CBD than someone struggling with mild pain.
  • Body Weight – Like other supplements, your body weight plays a large determination into how much CBD you’ll need in order to feel its effects. A general rule of thumb is to take 1 to 6mg of CBD (depending on your ailment) for every 10 pounds you weigh.
  • Strength – The stronger the CBD is, the less you need in order to feel the effects. This is important to remember prior to purchasing or if you’ve purchased a product that contains lower levels of CBD. 500mg to 1,000mg tends to be the average.


It’s also important to keep in mind that your body will develop a tolerance to CBD over time. So, you may need more of it now or in the future in order to feel the initial effects.


One of the biggest downsides to the CBD industry is it currently isn’t regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This has allowed for a number of phony companies to provide low-quality products. Luckily, a number of reputable CBD companies are taking matters into their own hands, including Straight Hemp.

Straight Hemp currently makes sure all its products are certified by the Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) which is an organization that enforces regulations developed by the FDA.


As you shop for CBD online, it’s vital to make sure the company you purchase from runs all their products through a third-party lab test. These ensure that the CBD you’re purchasing is pure and high-quality. These tests also check the CBD’s cannabinoid/terpene count as well as whether or not it contains any contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides.

Straight Hemp makes it easy for you to find their lab test results. On their website, under the dropdown menu entitled “Learn”, you’ll find a page entitled “CBD Lab Reports”. Through this page, you can search up the batch number (found on your Straight Hemp CBD product) and its corresponding lab reports.

Overall Thoughts of Straight Hemp

There’s a reason Straight Hemp places extra attention on providing you with the highest quality CBD oil products on the market. The higher the quality, the more wellness you’ll obtain. And by full spectrum, we mean all the rich phytocannabinoids and terpenes that are found in Straight Hemp’s products.

Look no further than these CBD tinctures and topicals if you’re looking for ultimate relief from a number of different ailments. If you’re interested in purchasing one of Straight Hemp’s products, we invite you to use one of our coupon codes on the right-hand side of this page.

How to Use a Straight Hemp Coupon Code

First, you’ll need to pick a product from Straight Hemp’s website. From there, head on over to the checkout where you’ll find the option to type in a discount code on the right-hand side of the page, under your selected product(s). Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and you’ll see your savings instantly!



Frequently Asked Questions

Straight Hemp is working towards making their products 100% certified organic. Currently, the ingredients used in their oils are 93.1% organic and their balms are 38% organic.

3 User Reviews

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Love their products

February 05, 2020 by Bill

My husband was in a car accident (hit head on) he had a very bad knee injury and this stuff got him out of pain. We have recommended this to multiple people and they too love it !! Thank you so much !!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Best all around

January 30, 2020 by Redonna

I have tried a lot of CBD oils and this straight hemp is by far the best I've ever used! It helps me be able to keep food down and it helps my son with his seizures

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Great people to do business with

January 26, 2020 by Henry

I cannot say enough good things about Straight Hemp CBD vape. I no longer dread getting up in the mornings with arthritic pain and stiffness, and my occipital neuralgia headaches still have not returned. Just to be rid of 3 to 4 headache days/week is well worth the cost. Great people to do business with.

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