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HempElf Discount Code and CBD Product Reviews

A CBD and hemp flower supplier based out of the UK, HempElf provides business across almost the entire world. They ship internationally even to the USA and Canada, offering a plethora of CBD products we already know and love. As a supplier, they don’t make any of their own branded products. They do act as affiliates for the rest of the brands they offer on their website. Many of these brands we’ve already had the pleasure of reviewing, so we were excited to try out a company that can provide a wide selection of them all in one place.


We’ll touch on what we find unique about HempElf, details you might be curious about if you ever shop with them, and our experience with some of the products they sell, from THC-free CBD oils to a versatile selection of CBD edibles. Let’s dive into our HempElf review, and if you stay till the end, we offer a Hemp Elf discount code so you can try them out for yourself.


What's Unique About HempElf?

  • You can sign up to gain loyalty points for exclusive rewards
  • Hemp is bred legally in the EU to yield rich CBD with low THC
  • Some of the best CBD brands’ products all available on one platform
  • They ship closer to worldwide than any other brand we’ve seen!
  • Verified HempElf discount code available


HempElf Products

With well-known partners like Extract Labs, CBDistillery, and KannaSwiss, we already knew we were in for a treat. Likewise, the UK-based company only sells products that contain less than their legal 0.2% THC limit. The USA has a 0.3% THC limit, so these products are even more certain to have less than that maximum amount.


We do also want to mention the array of terpene-rich and CBD-heavy hemp flower and even CBD wax that HempElf sells. THC-free within the legal limits and EIHA EU-certified, each strain is non-psychoactive but contains a rich level of terpenes and other cannabinoids, especially CBD. That being said, let’s dive into the different CBD products we got to try. If interested in any of these, we invite you to use our HempElf discount on the right-hand side of this page.


Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

HempElf goes the extra step with their 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil from CBDistillery, making visible both the Certificate of Analysis and the cannabinoid profile of the produce. While it is a 500mg bottle, that’s 500mg of cannabinoids, not 500mg of pure CBD. The other cannabinoids, while much smaller in percentage, add to the cannabidiol to provide an amplified Entourage Effect rather than isolating just one beneficial substance.

HempElf CBDdistillery 500mg CBD oil


CBD Isolate Shatter

With a variety of strains to differentiate between flavors and aromas, the CBD isolate shatter is infused with terpenes before it becomes the final product that gets shipped out. We tried out the Blue Dream terpene-infused CBD shatter, made originally by Extract Labs. The classic Blue Dream taste came through with its earthy, berry-sweet flavor profile. Though it starts as a CBD isolate, the terpenoids help provide the energizing, cerebral, and downright euphoric effects that are perfect for mood elevation.

HempElf CBD shatter


CBD Chocolate

Not just any CBD chocolate – we got to try the KannaSwiss swiss dark chocolate infused with 50mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. They don’t use a CBD isolate, but the extract does have untraceable levels of THC. Instead of the usual oil or capsule, the dark chocolate bar can be a nice change of pace as a snack, added into a recipe, or just as a replacement for your usual CBD routine! Though it takes longer to feel the effects when eating an edible instead of using a CBD oil or shatter, the relief is generally felt for a longer range of time, too. Be sure to use one of our HempElf discount codes to save on the CBD Chocolate.

HempElf CBD Chocolate


HempElf Lab Testing

As we’ve mentioned, HempElf is simply a UK-based hemp flower and CBD supplier. They don’t cultivate, formulate, or sell any of their own branded products – which also means they may not have all tested lab results visible on their web platform. Though this may be, the brands they do partner with offer third-party lab reports on their platforms for the appropriate batch numbers. It takes an extra step to look at the lab results on the partner’s website, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure the product is safe, effective, and adequate for your needs.


HempElf Pros

  • They offer international shipping across the USA and Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Top UK-grown CBD and hemp flower supplier
  • Massive variety of products makes it fun to pick and choose until you find what’s right
  • They stay engaged on their social media platforms so it’s easy to get in touch
  • HempElf coupon codes available online


HempElf Cons

  • International shipping is great, but it takes up to 2 weeks to get your order
  • As a supplier, HempElf doesn’t have any of its own branded products


How to Redeem a HempElf Coupon Code

Enjoy our HempElf review? We invite you to use one of our promo codes to help earn you savings on your total order.


Every time you add something to your cart, it takes you to a “Your cart” page. From there, you can keep shopping, review your order, or check out after you select that you agree with the terms and conditions (and read them too, of course).


Once you hit "Check Out", you’ll be taken to the Information page where you see the contact and shipping address fields to fill out on the left and a summary of your order and the total on the right. Just below the products you’re purchasing, you’ll see a section to paste in any coupon code you might have. Type or paste in the discount code, hit Apply, and it should automatically adjust the order. Be sure to apply coupons before leaving the checkout page in order to ensure deals!

HempElf online coupon code


Contacting HempElf

Since HempElf likes to stay engaged and social on their social media platforms, you can try reaching out to them there if you have any issues. Otherwise, the only way to get in touch is by filling out the contact form under the Contact tab on their website.


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. HempElf has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. HempElf products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

8 HempElf Reviews

  1. John

    So far so good. Works just fine. Still would like to try their other products. 2019-09-06 05:09:09

  2. Laura

    I'm using FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL to manage anxiety. My lifestyle has a lot of stress, I'm working long hours and have a family that needs me after work. Anxiety had been plaguing every aspect of life, I was seriously considering prescription medication to see if that would improve things. I'm weary of the side effects of things, so chose to give CBD a try since it doesn't have negative side effects. Thankfully i tried this first because it's made a huge difference for me, I can now manage everything and while there's still stress, I'm more chill and complacent with things. I truly believe I'm a better person when I'm taking my daily CBD drops. 2019-09-27 12:40:24

  3. Ed hargraves

    Hempelf have got some nice stuff but for the best buds / cbd flowers I order before 14:30pm and get it the next day! 2019-11-05 18:58:51

  4. Rachel

    Hempelf posted my order immediately, it came the next working day. The cbd oil came attractively boxed - you could give this as a gift, and with a great oil information leaflet and instructions on the best way to take the oil - an added bonus! The oil is palatable, a great colour - very golden and clear, unlike other ‘dirty’ looking brands I’ve tried. It does seem to work well. I’ve recommended it to my brother for his gout. I have total confidence in this company and the oil. ThNk you Hempelf, I’ll be back! 2019-11-07 12:17:45

  5. Carolyn

    Deliveries on time, maintained standard of product. The only missed order was immediately dealt with & arrived the next day with apologies and no questions about it. So I have to give them a 5/5 as missed delivery was a same day, double delivery so easily mistaken & quickly corrected. 2020-01-03 14:54:37

  6. Peter

    The hash takes me back in time. Really good products. Was delivered in good time will order again. 2020-01-09 14:06:17

  7. TheSadClown

    New to CBD as im getting off my anti depressants and hemp elf’s got a boss variety to try from and there service is quick my last order came overnight would recommend 10/10 2020-02-10 12:50:36

  8. Ryan

    Really happy with my purchases. Ordered twice in 1 week second purchase was delivered in 1 day. Will be ordering again very soon and have sent the link of your site to a few friends who use cbd to use hempelf. 2020-04-05 07:29:50

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