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People have come up with the idea of mixing organic honey with CBD in order to provide users with the benefits of both substances.

Before cannabidiol (CBD) became a mainstream source of natural medicine, many people looked at honey as one of the greatest gifts Mother Earth had offered us. The health benefits range from healing wounds to easing burns to even giving us energy.

The antibacterial and antiseptic material has been known for centuries as an all-natural remedy for a number of different pains and illnesses. Recently, people have come up with the idea of mixing organic honey with CBD in order to provide users with the benefits of both substances.

While you can purchase CBD honey in a number of different ways, one of the most popular has to be through honey sticks. In a little straw-like container, these products provide a since dose of CBD and honey. They’re easy to use, great for on-the-go consumption, and extremely discreet.

Throughout this article, we’re going to review the best CBD honey sticks currently on the market, from Gold Bee to CBD American Shaman. We’ll also go into more detail about CBD honey sticks and how to use them to better your health.

What Are CBD Honey Sticks?

CBD honey sticks are simply tubes of honey that are infused with a CBD extract. Instead of calling it a honey stick, some people prefer to use the term “honey straw.” CBD honey sticks work identically to straws in the sense that you have to suck the contents out from one end.

The size and ease of use make these honey sticks so convenient, allowing for on-the-go CBD relief. However, it may be more difficult and less discrete than CBD oil or vaping CBD.

These products are also great for those who’d prefer a sweet flavor with their dose of CBD. Admittedly, tinctures can come with an unwanted earthy taste that may turn some newcomers off of CBD. Certain edibles like CBD honey sticks are a great way to combat that.

Not to mention, they provide you with all the benefits of honey too.

What Do CBD Honey Sticks Do?

As mentioned, CBD honey sticks offer consumers the benefits of both cannabidiol and honey. In effect, this doesn’t only offer a large range of health benefits but provides that sweet taste that honey is known for too. Many people use CBD honey sticks to help:

  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory
  • Increase focus
  • Provide pain relief (including chronic pain)
  • Promote better sleep


It’s worth mentioning that some CBD users may find other product types, such as vapes or topicals, to be more effective in helping with specific ailments. For example, when it comes to CBD for pain, topicals seem to be an ideal solution. If you’re new to CBD, a honey stick is a great way to get a taste of how it works. However, it may not be as powerful as alternative CBD products, such as CBD capsules or a CBD tincture.

CBD Honey Sticks Dosage Recommendation

Since CBD honey sticks are such a unique way of cannabidiol consumption, many aren’t 100% sure how to properly dose themselves. It’s important to remember that CBD affects us all differently as we are all built differently. The basic rule of thumb is the more you weigh, the more CBD you’ll need in order to feel its effects.

However, there are other factors to consider, such as your reason(s) for taking CBD. Someone who’s trying to get a better night’s sleep may need more CBD than someone wanting to use CBD for anxiety. A large part depends on you and your motive behind taking CBD.

In order to find the right dose for you, we suggest you start small and work your way up. This goes for all CBD products – anything from CBD gummies to hemp oil. TO get a sense of where you should start, many experts say you should take 1-6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of bodyweight.

With that said, some users may need more than one honey stick in order to feel the effects. If you are of this category, we highly suggest gradually working your way up. This may mean eating another half a stick or an extra full one at a time.

CBD honey sticks are a great way to reap in the benefits of both cannabidiol and honey. Not to mention, they provide convenient dosing and on-the-go use.

Our Criteria for the Best CBD Honey Sticks

When pulling together the best CBD honey sticks, we had a few important requirements that companies needed to meet. When shopping for CBD online, we highly recommend you develop similar criteria in order to ensure you’re purchasing safe and high-quality products:

  • Certificate of Analysis – Since the CBD industry is unregulated, reputable companies have made an effort to ensure the quality of their products by running them through third-party lab tests. The reports from these tests will reveal a number of aspects of the CBD, including its cannabinoid and terpene count and whether or not it contains contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides.
  • Extract Type – CBD comes in three specific hemp extract types, each of which has mildly different effects. When shopping for CBD, it can help to understand what these extract types are:
    • Full Spectrum CBD – Contains all of hemp’s cannabinoids.
    • Broad Spectrum CBD – Contains all of hemp’s cannabinoids with the exception of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
    • CBD Isolate – Purely CBD and free of all other cannabinoids.
  • Ingredients – CBD edibles are made from a wide range of ingredients. Reputable companies tend to use all-natural and organic ingredients. It’s also important to check the ingredients of a CBD hemp product to make sure it meets your dietary requirements.
  • Potency – To get an idea of how CBD will affect you, it helps to understand potency. The majority of CBD products have their potency measured out in milligrams (mg). The higher this number, the more potent a product is.

Safety and Side Effects of CBD Honey Sticks

CBD and honey are both generally safe to consume and have little to no side effects. Still, some users have reported feeling mild bouts of:

  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue


If you experience any of these side effects from CBD products, it may benefit you to take a smaller dose.

If you are currently on prescription medication, you’ll want to consult your doctor before consuming CBD. While rare, CBD has been found to have negative interactions with certain medications.

Finally, if you are pregnant or lactating, we highly suggest you avoid CBD altogether. As of this time, there aren’t enough studies concerning how CBD affects women of this category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since everyone experiences CBD edibles differently, the onset time for effects will vary. However, people will typically begin to feel the effects of a CBD honey stick within 15 to 45 minutes.