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CBD inhalers provide a safer alternative to smoking or vaping, with the same instant effects. But what are the best CBD inhalers on the market?

Cannabidiol (CBD) products come in a dizzying array of options. Although most people aren’t aware they exist, one less-common way of using CBD is inhalers. They have some advantages over standard CBD products, like rapid effects and efficient absorption.

But buying CBD inhalers isn’t that simple. There are very few vendors selling them, especially if you’re looking for affordable, third-party-tested options with a safe and effective formula.

To make your search easier, we compared the available options to find the best CBD inhalers on the market.

What’s a CBD Inhaler?

You’ve probably heard of inhalers, compact medical devices that are most commonly used to help people with asthma. CBD can also be administered through an inhaler, helping deliver it straight to the lungs for fast and efficient absorption.

Although CBD inhalers aren’t super popular, they offer some distinct advantages over other methods of administering CBD. First and foremost, they avoid the negative health effects of smoking and vaping hemp or CBD products.

Even though vaping is considered substantially safer than smoking, it still comes with health risks because of the potentially toxic chemicals contained in the vapor. In contrast, a CBD inhaler is a relatively safe alternative that’s free of potentially harmful compounds.

Another advantage of CBD inhalers is that they’re more discreet and don’t produce any smoke. They also work much faster than CBD oil, capsules, and gummies, which can take anywhere from 15 to over 60 minutes to kick in. With a CBD inhaler, you’ll feel the effects almost instantly.

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Are CBD Inhalers Safe?

CBD inhalers are relatively safe products. There are two parts to consider:

  1. Potential side effects of the CBD itself
  2. Potential side effects of inhaling other ingredients


According to decades of research, CBD is a generally safe substance with a potential for minor side effects, like sleepiness, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. But most of these and other side effects were reported by studies using large oral doses of CBD, so they’re unlikely to occur at the doses used in CBD inhalers.

Aside from that, most CBD inhalers contain relatively safe ingredients, like ethanol, botanical extracts, and natural flavors. The most common approach is to use nanotechnology to break CBD molecules down into a tiny size that can effectively disperse in water, which avoids the need for compounds that could be harmful to the lungs, like coconut oil.

Nonetheless, human studies are needed to confirm that CBD inhalers are safe, especially in the long term. We recommend checking the ingredients and making sure you don’t see anything suspicious before buying CBD inhalers.

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Best CBD Inhalers FAQs

CBD inhalers have the same potential benefits as other methods of using CBD, like oils and capsules. That means they may help you relax, get ready for bed, deal with soreness, relieve inflammation, and alleviate many other issues.