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It only stands to reason that combining protein and CBD in a daily supplement is a simple and efficient way to get the muscle-building, mobilizing, and recovery benefits of both!

When it comes to getting swole, protein supplements are a pretty standard tool for boosting protein intake and building muscle. For athletes, regular gym-goers, or anyone serious about working on their fitness, minimizing recovery time is just as important as training hard if you’re looking for noticable gains. So, it comes as no surprise to see protein and CBD come together for good with CBD protein powders’ emergence into the mainstream.

A relatively new entry to the CBD market, CBD protein powders are just starting to pop up – especially in product lines of sport-focused CBD brands. Proponents of CBD use in sports nutrition and medicine cite evidence of the beneficial impacts of CBD on muscle recovery, joint health, and managing inflammation. It only stands to reason that combining protein and CBD in a daily supplement that’s easy to take is a simple and efficient way to get the muscle-building, mobilizing, and recovery benefits of both.

So, for those of us considering adding CBD protein to our daily regimen, how do we choose the best protein powder for our unique needs.

What even is CBD protein powder and what should we be looking for when buying?

Luckily for you, we’ve done the groundwork to help kick off your CBD protein powder journey. Not only did we answer these questions and more, but we’ve also found five of the best CBD protein powders you can buy to get you on your way to becoming a stronger, better you.

What is CBD Protein Powder?

As you might expect, the answer is pretty simple. CBD protein powder is a protein powder infused with CBD. It’s important to note that this is different from straight-up hemp protein. Hemp protein, powdered, or in other forms, is a complete protein that contains nine essential amino acids. While that undoubtedly makes it a beneficial addition to a healthy diet, hemp protein rarely includes more than trace amounts of cannabidiol. So, you won’t get the same effects from hemp protein as you will from CBD-infused protein powder.

If you’re looking to build muscle while providing yourself with post-workout recovery, look no further than CBD protein powders!

What Benefits Do CBD Protein Powders Offer?

While proof of CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits is not yet concrete, a growing body of scientific and anecdotal evidence exists around that CBD has an array of potential uses for health and wellness.

One of the most significant benefits of using CBD is getting the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the psychoactive aspect of THC. It allows those looking for relief to reap the many benefits of cannabinoids without the high associated with CBD’s mind-altering sibling.

While CBD use is catching on and gaining momentum in wellness communities, science is finally catching up. Recent studies are beginning to confirm CBD may ease symptoms of many common issues, like inflammation and anxiety.

With CBD offering so many potential treatments for users, it’s no wonder that CBD-infused protein powder would provide similar promise. For anyone looking to add CBD to their daily routine who already uses protein, the efficiency of delivering muscle-building in concert with CBD’s recovery properties is hard to dismiss.

Which Receptors Does CBD Bind to?

Cannabinoid receptors are a class of receptors in the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily and part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Activated by endocannabinoids (in the body), phytocannabinoids (from plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (human-made), they are involved in mood, memory, appetite, and sensation.

As we understand today, many effects attributed to cannabinoids and endocannabinoids stem from their interactions with two GPCRs, CB1 and CB2 receptors. However, we may come to find out the story is more complicated with further research. The CB1 receptor is found mostly in the brain, but it also appears in the liver, kidney, and lungs. CB2, on the other hand, hangs out mainly in the immune system and hematopoietic stem cells.

While we still have a way to go before we fully understand how cannabinoids react in the body, what we do know about CB1 and CB2 provides evidence that the potential benefits of CBD and CBD-infused products (like protein powder) have scientific legitimacy.

Our Criteria for Best CBD Protein Powders

Although several high-quality CBD protein powders are available from reputable producers, some formulations will be more suitable for your needs than others. Here are six things to consider in 2021 when looking for the best CBD protein powder:

  • Dosage – You’re going to want to make sure the CBD protein you choose has enough protein and CBD to satisfy your training and recovery requirements. The wide range of dosages available means you need to pay close attention to ensure you get the effects you desire from your daily CBD protein shake.
  • Protein Source – Is the protein your powder plant-based, whey, casein, or soy? Depending on your chosen diet and food sensitivities, some proteins will be more suited to you than others. Vegans will want to choose plant-based options like pea or hemp and avoid casein and whey (by-products of cheese making). Folks concerned about hormone disruption will want to avoid soy and its phytoestrogen content.
  • Hemp Source – Like any CBD product, you want to be sure that the raw materials going into making them are up to snuff. Knowing how and where the hemp was grown and processed will go a long way to making you feel confident about your protein source.
  • Extract Type – Is your CBD protein powder made with isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum CBD? One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but each has properties that can make them more or less appropriate for your needs.
  • Extra Additives – Some CBD protein powders offer extras like healthy omega fats, while others include added fiber or BCAAs. Prioritize what matters most to you and choose accordingly.
  • Lab Reports – When it comes to CBD, quality and transparency are key. If a product doesn’t have lab reports readily available, it’s worth choosing a different company or product to meet your needs. It will save you from receiving a product that is different than what it claims to be.


The best CBD protein powders offer a combination of quality protein, an effective dose of CBD, the additional supplements your body needs, and value for your money. This guide should help you find the best CBD protein powder for your muscle-building needs.

If you’re looking for guides on other products, we also have suggestions for the best CBD oils (tinctures), gummies, capsules, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

While it’s true that not all protein powders are created equal, choosing the best CBD protein powder is more about finding the best powder for you than buying the brand that appears at the top of a “best of” list. If the protein you choose has ingredients you want in the lab-tested concentrations you require, a flavor you dig, and a price that agrees with your wallet, it sounds pretty good to us.