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When it comes to wholesaling CBD products, it can be difficult to know where to start. Your options range from specific companies to vendors offering a wide variety of CBD brands.

With cannabidiol (CBD) now a mainstream supplement, many business owners are looking to sell products themselves. While there are a number of ways to go about this, wholesale CBD tends to be the most popular.

To put it simply, CBD wholesale allows you to purchase bulk products (such as CBD gummies, oils, or topicals) at a reduced price per product. Many industries incorporate wholesale for both in-person and online stores and sometimes consumers make use of the lowermost prices.

If you’re a new CBD wholesaler and not sure where to purchase bulk CBD, we’re going to review our top best CBD wholesale brands and give you some more information on how it all works.

What is CBD Wholesaling?

CBD wholesaling is when one party purchases large quantities of CBD at a reduced price per product from another party. Prices for wholesale products vary depending on the brand and how much bulk CBD you purchase (the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes per product).

Most CBD companies offer a wholesale program as it’s a great way to get their products into customer hands. If you’re interested, these companies will usually allow you to sign up through their website. These wholesale programs usually have specific requirements and guidelines that you’ll have to follow.

We’ve provided a list of companies below that we believe to be the best CBD wholesalers. However, if you have a favorite brand not mentioned here, we recommend you look at their official website to see if they offer a wholesale program.

If you’re new to CBD and not sure how different products work, a company will usually provide you with thorough information concerning their products. Most companies have product representatives who are hired to educate people interested in business opportunities concerning CBD.

Still, we definitely recommend newcomers do a chunk of their own research in order to get a better idea of how CBD works and how this industry is affecting so many people.

What are Your Wholesale Options?

When it comes to purchasing wholesale CBD, you have three different options:

  • CBD Brands – The most common way people obtain wholesale CBD is through a specific CBD brand. For example, you may reach out to Joy Organics in order to sell their selection of products at your storefront.
  • Business to Business (B2B) Brands – Certain companies (such as U.S. Hemp wholesalers) will connect your business with brands they’re attached to. If you reach out to these companies, it’s likely they already have a list of brands and you have the option to pick and choose different brands for your storefront.
  • CBD Online Stores – Another way to sell multiple brands is through an online CBD store that offers a variety of companies for wholesale purchases. Examples of this include and CBD genesis. Like business-to-business brands, you will be limited to the brands this online store is partnered with. However, you may find these stores have more of the brands you’re looking for.


You should be cautious when choosing a CBD brand to work with. Since the industry is unregulated, there are many companies out there selling low-quality products. For the sake of your customers, it’s key to research each company and their respective reviews.

Why Purchase Bulk CBD?

Most people purchase CBD wholesale as it provides you with the opportunity to share the potential benefits of cannabidiol with your customers. Furthermore, as this market is consistently growing, there’s a lot of financial and business potential backing CBD up.

Due to this growth, there are a number of different industries also working with CBD. Some of these include:

  • Bakeries
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Chiropractors
  • Health clinics
  • Health food stores
  • Nutritionists
  • Smoke shops (including cannabis dispensaries)
  • Sports clinics
  • Wellness centers
  • Veterinary clinics


CBD provides you with the opportunity to network through these industries. For example, if you own a store that’s known to sell high-quality brands, a chiropractor or veterinarian may recommend your store to their clients.

With that, it’s key to have an understanding of the variety of products CBD brands offer as each may be applicable for different health conditions. The most popular CBD products include CBD oils (tinctures), gummies (and other edibles), capsules (and softgels), topicals (creams and ointments), vapes, flower, and pet products.

Who’s Allowed to Wholesale CBD Products?

Technically, anyone can get their hands on wholesale CBD products. However, each company will have their own guidelines and requirements for those buying their CBD in bulk. With that in mind, most wholesale CBD products are exclusive to business owners (usually those who run an in-person or online store).

It helps if you already have knowledge concerning CBD and the industry. Furthermore, it’s even more beneficial if your business plans to advertise CBD separately from other products or services you may offer. This can be as simple as giving CBD its own shelf in your store or having a page on your website dedicated to CBD information.

CBD Wholesale Statistics 2020
CBD Wholesale Statistics for 2020

Understand CBD Before You Sell

Since the industry is so new and unregulated, there’s a lot of misinformation out there concerning CBD products. With that in mind, we strongly recommend getting the facts and sharing them responsibly.

One of the beauties of CBD is we’re all continuously learning as more research begins to shine light on cannabidiol’s potential benefits. With this new research, we’re also sharing and spreading knowledge to those who may be able to benefit most from these products.

If you still have questions after your research, most CBD wholesalers will provide you with further information concerning their products. We definitely advise you to reach out to the brands you’re interested in to learn more about cannabidiol and the hemp plant.

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