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We are a CBD review site that buys products from major online brands, tests them, and gives personal experience feedback on each company. Our goal is not only to make the CBD research process simple and seamless for you, but to help you decide which brands and products are best for your health needs. In addition to providing you feedback and reviews, we provide pricing comparisons and even CBD discounts for your favorite brands.

What seperates us from other review sites is that we actually purchase and test these products before making recomendations. We are a team of CBD enthusiasts who test products and collaborate on how they make us feel and what we recommend for your ailments. Our company and community help you vet brands by providing organic and transparent reviews. In addition to reviews and discounts, we provide you the latest industry news and beginner guides to help answer the most common questions like dosage, safety, legality and more.

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3 Pieces Of CBD Research You Can't Ignore

Research into cannabidiol (CBD) began in the 20th century, with the discovery of the cannabinoid itself and later the endocannabinoid system (ECS) where it has a significant impact. These breakthroughs have provided the foundation for more in-depth studies in the past couple of decades, which have helped to paint a better picture of how CBD works in the body, and the compound’s potential as a therapeutic agent.   While hemp-derived wholesale CBD products are legal, and people are already happily taking them to self-medicate their ailments, scientific research is imperative for the legitimization of CBD as  mainstream medicine. Politicians, the media, and important bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have already shown more receptiveness to CBD than psychoactive, THC-rich cannabis. Let’s put a focus on three important pieces of CBD research that have been carried out in recent times, but have perhaps not yet received the attention they deserve.   2018 survey shows why people are using CBD We know that there is a long list of reasons for taking CBD, and while some like to dismiss CBD products as a fad, the reality is that the compound can help with so much because of the endocannabinoid system’s (ECS) wide-ranging influence on the body. And now, thanks to a cross-sectional study by Jamie Corroon and Joy A. Phillips published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, a peer-reviewed journal, we have a good idea of what people are using CBD for.   This, the first study of its kind, involved 2,409 American CBD users, who submitted an anonymous questionnaire. The results found that more than 60 percent were using products as an alternative medicine, 38 percent are taking them to improve general health and wellbeing. The survey also highlighted the broad appeal of CBD, with nearly 1,000 respondents stating that they were not regular cannabis users.   The leading reason for using CBD was to treat chronic pain, with nearly 30 percent selecting this option – although this could technically describe a number of conditions. Arthritis and joint pain came in second, with anxiety and depression at third and fourth. Allergies, nausea, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, migraines, and fibromyalgia came in lower down the list.   More than 900 respondents are taking their CBD sublingually with tincture oils, making it more popular than any other method. Sublingual absorption was closely followed by vaping and taking capsules.   CBD can help to treat anxiety Unfortunately, hardly anybody had heard about CBD back in 2011, when a ground-breaking study in Europe showcased the potential of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid to treat anxiety, and specifically public speaking anxiety, which is a form of social anxiety. However, with almost 20 percent of the adult American population affected by it each year, this research warrants our attention.   None of the 24 patients used in this investigation, which was featured in Neuropsychopharmacology, had any experience with anxiety medication, making them ideal candidates for the test. Half were administered a placebo treatment, while the other half got a 600mg dose of CBD in a capsule.   Following treatment, all participants took part in a simulated public speaking test, with their anticipatory speech and speech performance assessed – the former is the anxiety caused by an upcoming event, with the reading taken in the seconds leading up to the speech. The CBD helped to reduce anticipatory anxiety while promoting an improved speech performance.   The researchers suggested that CBD’s anxiolytic effects may be mediated in the serotonin system and not the ECS, at serotonin 1A receptors.   An introduction to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED) The identification of the ECS in the early 1990s has paved the way for research into the system itself. Since the turn of the millennium, a series of papers looking at the implications of a dysfunctional ECS have been published, authored by psychopharmacology researcher Dr. Ethan Russo.   Incredibly, these studies may have uncovered the root cause for both fibromyalgia and migraines, illnesses which have left scientists perplexed for decades. The ECS can only function well with optimum levels of endocannabinoids, and especially anandamide, a chemical that binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, regulating mood, pain, inflammation and more.   When endocannabinoids are not present in the necessary amounts, the ECS becomes dysfunctional, with the patient suffering from a proposed condition called Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). Russo’s research has continuously highlighted the medicinal potential of CBD wholesale and whole-plant cannabis. In the 2016 update, the study suggested that natural solutions are preferable to synthetic drugs, which may be too forceful.

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Best CBD Oil Veteran + Affordability Programs

For many veterans, CBD has become life changing with it’s potential to increase your quality of life safely and naturally. Studies show that CBD is a therapeutic alternative for those who suffer from PTSD which is characterized by poor adaptation to a traumatic experience. Even though CBD has proven to be tremendously beneficial to thousands of medical patients in the United States, not everyone can afford the expense. Many CBD brands offer affordability programs to help individuals who need financial assistance.   These CBD companies truly care about making a difference in people’s lives with CBD, not just to reap money from the Green Rush. If you or someone you know could benefit from the multiple therapeutic effects of CBD, check out these "Best CBD affordability programs".   Bluebird Botanicals Bluebird Botanicals accepts applications for assistance for low-income individuals, veterans, and those on long-term disability programs. Qualified individuals can get 25% to 40% on their orders. Send all the required information to assistance@bluebird-botanicals.com or fax them documents to 720.302.2616. Requests are processed within 10 business days. If approved, people will receive a coupon code via email.   Low-Income Program Bluebird Botanicals offers financial assistance to “those who fall at or under the federal poverty level.” Prospective applicants must send a copy of a receipt of their low-income benefits (SNAP, SSI award letters, LEAP, etc). Applicants can block out their social security number before sending copies of their document. They do not accept Medicaid. Long-Term Disability Program People that receive disability benefits by the government can submit a document like an SSDI form for proof. Medicaid is not accepted. Veterans Program U.S. military veterans get a special discount as a thank you for serving their country. Send a photo, fax, or copy of military identification, veteran’s card, or driver’s license with a VA endorsement, or the DD214 form. Cover any sensitive information.     NuLeaf Naturals NuLeaf Naturals provides CBD consumers with CO2 extracted and lab tested full-spectrum oils. NuLeaf goes above and beyond deliver safe CBD products by offering a variety of CBD affordability programs for veterans, police, firefighters, EMT, low-income individuals, those receiving disability benefits. Just send a copy of identification or documents proving you qualify for assistance.   NuLeaf also provides assistance to nonprofit groups like animal shelters, homeless centers, and other community organizations. Contact them by phone or email to inquire about receiving discounted CBD oil products. Send all required documents to contact@nuleafnaturals.com. It may take a couple of days to process the request.   Hemp Bombs Hemp Bombs is a proud maker of CBD gummies, oils, capsules, syrups, e-liquids, and topicals for pain. Hemp Bombs has a couple of discount programs for seniors and veterans.   Discounts For Seniors Seniors are able to get 15% off of their order. People over 55 years old can fill out a form with their name, email, and phone number. Applicants must also provide proof of photo identification. Discounts For Veterans Veterans and active duty military personnel are also able to save 15% off of their orders. Members of the military must fill out a form and provide a valid photo ID.     Green Roads Green Roads is partnered with Mission Zero, an organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide. Their commitment to the military-led them to create a military discount program. Military members can create an account to sign up to receive 50% off their order. Just follow the instructions to verify that you are in the military and send proof.   These CBD affordability programs offer people CBD oil at discounted rates. Maintaining a CBD regimen can be expensive for some, especially those with high medical bills or mental health issues. These CBD brands are paving the way for a more socially conscious approach to spreading the benefits of CBD across the world.

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How CBD Oil is Revolutionizing Pain Care in Florida

Since November 2017, qualified patients in Florida can work with a state-certified medical marijuana doctor on a cannabis-based treatment plan for many conditions. Florida law generously allows those suffering from pain, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and many more conditions to become approved for a medical marijuana card. In just one short year, more than 200,000 patients are now approved and taking marijuana-derived products for their symptoms.   In Florida, CBD oil is legal to buy in state-approved dispensaries by patients already approved by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.  Now, since the Hemp Farm Bill became law, anyone can buy CBD oil anywhere, not just in a dispensary, and without being an approved patient.   Why CBD Oil Can Help in the Treatment of Opioid Abuse One of the largest advancements for patients in Florida comes by way of using CBD oil as a replacement medication for treating opioid abuse. The Sunshine State was hit particularly hard by the opioid epidemic and was even dubbed, “the pill mill state” in the mid-2000s. Statistically, Florida has one of the largest overdose rates in the nation.  Addicts, their families, local communities, and the state government are dealing with the backlash of lax pharmaceutical regulations, which have sadly led to prescription pill abuse. CBD oil has proven to work well as an alternative to opioid medications. It works to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opioids, like pain, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, it helps maintain regular sleep patterns which contribute to positive overall health.  Additionally, it can balance many systems in the body to help regulate important functions and, it does all of this without intoxication or risk for addiction.   CBD Oil for Parkinson’s Disease According to leading neurologists in Florida who specialize in Parkinson’s disease treatments, CBD oil is helping patients in many ways. Cannabinoids offer some neuroprotective properties and antioxidant benefits that contribute to reduced symptoms, over time. CBD’s work in the endocannabinoid system where they interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors, which help regulate many systems in the body. The neuroprotective benefits from CBD’s significantly affect the areas of the brain associated with Parkinson’s and seem to reduce the violent shakes considerably, in many cases.   CBD Oil for Arthritis A more common use for CBD oil is for joint pain from inflammation due to arthritis. Cannabinoids (CBD) are an anti-inflammatory compound naturally and significantly helps reduce swelling. But, a more interesting component to CBD’s is how they regulate the body’s systems that cause the automatic response of swelling in the first place. When CBD oil is introduced externally, it provides a rapid regulatory effect that can dissipate swelling within days, if not hours.   Topical CBD oil works especially well for arthritis because it can be applied directly to the affected areas. This way, cannabidiol can be absorbed trans-dermally and enter the blood-stream more rapidly near the affected areas. Medical marijuana doctors in Florida recommend that patients with arthritis see a physician before using CBD oil, since each patient’s symptoms are different and require specific dosages or products to effectively reduce their swelling.   CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis Many people who suffer from MS are prone to debilitating pain and weakness, along with muscle spasms that can last hours. Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease where the myelin sheath, which is the covering of the brain and spinal cord, gets damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to effectively communicate, which manifests in many symptoms.   Using CBD oil for MS symptoms is not mainstream yet; however, the fact that cannabinoids interact with and regulate systems responsible for brain functions is important to treating multiple sclerosis. More research is being conducted in 2019, specifically on how MS is affected by cannabinoids (CBD).   For now, physicians are incorporating CBD into their patients’ treatment plans to reduce and relieve their symptoms. Patients certainly benefit from CBD oil regulating their body’s functions and providing essential antioxidant compounds.   Conclusion There are many health benefits that cannabinoids (CBD) offer to patients suffering from illness. But, you don’t need to be diagnosed with a medical condition to get useful and measurable health gains with regular CBD dosing. Even someone in good health can have better sleep, less fatigue, more energy, and better overall health, by taking CBD oil. There is no risk for addiction and very little, if any, side effects from cannabidiol.   The best way to begin taking CBD’s is while under the supervision of a certified physician that has your specific health needs in mind. This way, you can optimize the best CBD oil products to fit the specific healthcare plan, set by a doctor, and monitored from the start.  

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[2019] The 7 Best CBD Oils and Capsules For Sleep

One-third of the adults in the US report that they get less than the recommended amount of sleep, on average. Poor sleep is linked to an array of serious conditions like depression, obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. As these chronic conditions continue to plague the US, the opioid epidemic is also at an all-time high.   In data compiled from 2005 to 2010, one in every eight adults with trouble sleeping and one in every six with a diagnosed sleep disorder report that they use prescription sleep aids. Others find no relief from their lack of sleep. These facts brought together our mission: find a safe, effective alternative to the most common prescription sleep aids – and that’s exactly where CBD comes in.   What is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana. When hemp was legalized for production in the US, the extracts from the plant were also legalized, opening the door for CBD products across the nation.   Now, CBD products are being used to treat or aid in treating a variety of symptoms or conditions, including anxiety, appetite loss, nausea, depression, chronic migraines, trouble sleeping, insomnia, and much more.   While CBD is not a cure for these conditions, many patients find the relief they’re looking for by adding CBD to their regimen or replacing their prescriptions with CBD altogether. We absolutely recommend you speak with your doctor before removing any prescriptions from your daily routine first, but CBD products may be your all-natural answer to relief.   How Does CBD Help with Sleep? The human body has an endocannabinoid system that CBD and other components in a cannabis plant can interact with. This endocannabinoid system runs throughout the entire human body, playing a key role in homeostasis, mood consistency, immune health, and even internal temperature.   CBD interacts directly with this system through certain receptors in the brain and body. Cannabidiol then blocks the receptors in the brain that cause anxiety or discomfort before sleep. Furthermore, it provides complete homeostasis to the body and regulates important bodily functions, which improves the ability to ease comfortably into a proper sleep cycle.   Our Best CBD Capsules and Oil for Sleep As cannabidiol takes off on the market, we’re able to see the perfected formulas for the products. No longer just engineered as hemp products, CBD is combined with other important active ingredients to help further promote relief for a specific symptom.   For example, the CBD products engineered for sleep also have melatonin, which is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body that aids in sleep. Likewise, for us humans that have trouble producing the correct amount of melatonin on a daily basis, there are melatonin supplements that can safely promote sleep as opposed to a prescription sleep aid.   Combining cannabidiol with melatonin to formulate a perfected sleep aid makes certain CBD products ideal for sleep. As you can consume CBD through many methods, from smoking and vaping it to consuming it as an edible or infused drink, you have more options at your disposal than you ever might with mere prescriptions. Our favorite method for getting to sleep on the daily are by taking CBD capsules.   Liquid-filled capsules absorb faster into the body than most other methods. As a bonus, they’re also, generally, longer-lasting and stronger-acting than other types of CBD products except for a few, such as tinctures.   Capsules can help provide relief within minutes instead of having to wait for over an hour for a pill to kick in – and best of all, it’s all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects or scary symptoms. Prescription sleeping pills have the downside of causing negative side effects like drowsiness throughout the day, mental impairment, weight gain, and other unwanted symptoms. With CBD capsules, you can avoid all of this.   We’re going to dive into the best CBD capsules for sleep to show you what they have in common, what’s effective for each of them, and why they may be able to help you get to sleep better than your standard prescription sleeping aids. We’ll look at our top contender for CBD capsules for sleep first and follow up with other recommendations to show just how many options you have at your disposal.   1.) CBD PM by cbdMD cbdMD engineered our most recommended capsules for a sleep aid. A powerful combination of CBD, melatonin, and other herbal remedies known for aiding with sleep (valerian root, cascade hops, lemon balm, passionflower, chamomile), the capsules even come in a cooling mint flavor. The product aims towards helping with sleep, but it also works to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and promote deep relaxation. Stay asleep longer and fall asleep faster with a natural sleep-aid that enhances the body’s ability to stay healthy and promotes it to relax.   While the CBD PM capsules from cbdMD work to promote deeper, longer sleep, make sure you have enough time dedicated to sleep beforehand. cbdMD recommends you have at least six hours dedicated to sleep before taking the capsule. Likewise, you’ll want to take the capsule at least 30 minutes before bed to ensure it’s in your bloodstream when it needs to be.   Thanks to the cooling mint flavor, cbdMD makes it to where you can partially sublingually dose without having to fully commit. Before swallowing the capsule, place it under your tongue for 20 seconds to optimize maximum results. This can also speed up how quickly the capsule gets into your system. As an added plus, the brand has a variety of other flavors; so, if you’re not a fan of mint, this brand is still a viable option!   Likewise, if you want to use CBD for sleep but also other aspects of your life, or you want the product without the melatonin, cbdMD offers CBD-only tinctures in a variety of flavors and sizes. They promote sleep health, but they’re also generally geared towards other needs that must be met, such as reducing stress and promoting relaxation throughout the day.   The most important aspect for the products from cbdMD are that they’re broad-spectrum cannabinoids. This means that instead of isolating just CBD, this brand utilizes the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant to aid in CBD’s effects. Still THC-free, this is a product at the top of our list because they understand what CBD does for the body and how to make it the most effective.     2.) P.M. Capsules from Infinite CBD Price: $140 Count: 30 CBDmg: 3000   Containing CBD isolate, powdered coconut oil, and melatonin, the capsules from Infinite CBD that are geared towards sleep offer an interesting formula to our list. Even more, interestingly, each capsule contains 25mg CBD, but only 3mg of melatonin. For those that are particularly sensitive to melatonin, this may be the ideal capsule for you.   Your wake and sleep cycles are determined by how much melatonin you’re producing. While we all naturally produce some melatonin in the pineal gland, we have no control over how much melatonin is produced, or when it’s produced. When it gets dark, melatonin levels typically increase. Unfortunately, many people work night shifts or require sleeping during part of the day, when it’s still light outside and our melatonin levels in our bodies are at their lowest. With Infinite CBD’s formula, they aim to initiate and promote the sleep cycle with melatonin and CBD.   Two key differences from Infinite CBD’s formulas and cbdMD’s, at the top of our list, is that the P.M. Capsules from Infinite CBD are made of cannabidiol isolate and with powdered coconut oil. Isolating the CBD compound from the rest of the hemp plant, while removing all the THC, also removes all other cannabinoids. THC is the only psychoactive compound in hemp plants that can make you feel “high,” but there are over 100 other cannabinoids that make up the plant. These cannabinoids typically aid, enhance, and intensify the effects brought on by CBD or THC. Removing these cannabinoids can make a CBD isolate product less effective than a full-spectrum CBD product.      3.) Medterra’s Dissolvable Sleep Tablets Price: $69.95 Count: 30 CBDmg: 750   Lab purity tested and guaranteed at 99.6% pure CBD, Medterra provides a dissolvable tablet geared towards promoting sleep. In a 30-tablet bottle, each of the dissolvable sleep tablets contains 25mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin. While you won’t be experiencing the cool, minty flavor that comes with cbdMD’s PM capsules, you can dissolve the tablet entirely and taste their natural spearmint flavoring instead.   Instead of keeping it under your tongue for 20 seconds and then swallowing, like with the capsules, you’ll just place the tablet under your tongue just before bedtime. It can dissolve completely in your mouth before swallowing the remains with just a little water (if preferred). A THC-free, non-GMO tablet you can trust, Medterra formulates all their products proudly in the US; laboratory tested and pesticide-free, no matter what.   Each dissolvable tablet is also conveniently scored. This means if the amount of melatonin is what was keeping you back from the capsules, you can more readily control how much melatonin you’re consuming with this tablet. If you consider yourself sensitive to melatonin, breaking the tablet in half along the score allows you to take just 5mg of melatonin instead.   Another CBD isolate product, Medterra’s dissolvable sleep tablets may not be the best for someone looking for a full-spectrum CBD experience. The other cannabinoids included in cbdMD’s sleep capsules keep it at the top of our list with confidence.     4.) Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extra Strength Capsules Price: $59.99 Count: 60 CBDmg: 900   A well-known, pioneer brand for the industry, Charlotte’s Web’s CBD products have always had a good name and a good reputation. Their Extra Strength capsules are not just geared towards better sleep, but also towards recovery from exercise, limiting loss of appetite, and providing support for the normal, everyday stresses of life. Curiously, compared to what’s on our list thus far, the Extra Strength CBD capsules from Charlotte’s Web have only 18mg of CBD per capsule.   The brand prides itself on the quality of their products, even down to the packaging. They use select, limited ingredients to ensure the best hemp extra experience. Additionally, they don’t use CBD isolates, opening you up to the full spectrum of the hemp plant without the worry of THC. Formulated by seven brothers with a genuine mission close to their hearts, the Charlotte’s Web brand only continues to grow and help more CBD users across the country. What started with the mentality to save one little girl has created a movement geared towards a better, safer and more natural future.   5.) Endoca Raw CBD Capsules Price: $129 Count: 30 CBmg: 1500   One of the best values on our list, Endoca finds itself on the best CBD pills for sleep with their RAW Hemp Oil capsule line. Each bottle shows plainly and boldly exactly what ingredients go into each capsule, so there’s no questioning what you’re going to consume. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD and CBDa. Made out of 100% organic hemp, you’re guaranteed a certain percentage of pure CBD per capsule.   GMP quality certified the Endoca RAW capsules contain important Omega-3s and Omega-6s that are also good for the body, along with Vitamin E. They guarantee there are no artificial colors or preservatives, so the raw product you get is exactly as nature intended. Endoca strives to allow you to unlock the secrets of nature by enjoying a full-spectrum cannabidiol experience. They never use isolates and it’s easy to identify the other cannabinoids directly on the ingredients label.   While Endoca contains no melatonin, the capsules are not necessarily geared towards just sleep. On the contrary, these raw capsules are meant to aid in eating and appetite, getting to sleep and staying asleep, relaxation, and much more. The brand understands the importance of certain cannabinoids over others, so they have standardized an extraction method that uses pharmaceutical control and precision to ensure they have exactly what they want.   6.) Palmetto Harmony Capsules Price: 89.99 Count: 60 CBDmg: 600   Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Capsules taken daily should help with your ability to find a good nights sleep. These full-spectrum capsules come in a bottle of 60 and are 10mg ea. These capsules are infused with antioxidants as well as omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. The fatty acids help with the absorption of CBD. Palmetto Harmony, according to our staff, offers one of the best quality CBD products online. The Capsules are 3rd party lab tested, organic, and FDA compliant.    7.) Plus CBD Oil Capsules Price: $69.95 Count: 60 CBDmg: 900   These are actually CBD Softgels and are an excellent option for helping calm the mind and getting a good night sleep. If you want to learn more, check out this PlusCBD Oil review. PlusCBD Oil offers full-spectrum CBD capsules that include several other terpenes to help you achieve the entourage effect. We recommend going with the 15mg capsules and if you choose the larger bottle you get a slightly better deal. The capsules are gluten-free and non-GMO.        Final Thoughts on CBD Capsules for Sleeping While the PM Capsules from cbdMD are still at the top of our list for best CBD capsules for sleep, we hope we’ve opened your eyes to the many CBD brands out there offering effective products for sleep. No longer having to rely on prescription drugs to aid in your sleep cycle, maybe CBD capsules geared towards sleep are the next step in ensuring you get to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.

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Does CBD Oil Make You Tired?

Whether or not CBD oil makes you feel tired does depend on several factors. People use CBD for a wide variety of reasons, and some may want to feel sleepy after their daily dose - while some prefer daytime usage and can’t afford to feel tired.   "Does CBD Make You Tired Or Sleepy?   Unfortunately, the answer is not cut and dry - this is because CBD falls into a category of substances with a ‘biphasic’ effect. Biphasic means that at lower doses, CBD produces one set of effects, and in the higher range, a completely different set (this is not to be confused with a ‘biphasic drug delivery system’ which usually refers to a pharmaceutical agent coated in two layers - one immediate-release and a time-release underneath).   The short answer is “Yes;” CBD oil can make you tired or drowsy. Read on to understand why this brief answer doesn’t entirely empower you with all the information you’ll need to avoid/experience this experience (depending on why you’re using CBD).   Biphasic Effects of CBD - It Can Make You Stimulated OR Sedated This quirk of CBD may sound odd, but it’s hardly the only popular psychoactive that makes such a claim. Alcohol and kratom are two other well-known drugs that produce wildly different effects depending on the dose.   Kratom, an opioid-containing plant from Southeast Asia, offers intense stimulation at low doses, but an opioid-like ‘high’ with larger amounts. Most are probably familiar with alcohol’s two-faced nature, offering reduced inhibitions and enhanced sociability at small amounts, and anything from blackouts to running naked through the streets when you’ve had one too many.   Low Doses of CBD May Combat Fatigue While there is no one study stating the exact differences (and at what doses they occur), countless reports from users confirm the widely held belief that with low doses (10-100mg), CBD creates a wakefulness-inducing/mildly stimulating effect. CBD oil affects many receptors and physiological systems, so pinpoint the exact mechanism for this reaction is unclear.   However, it likely has a lot to with CBD oil inhibiting adenosine reuptake - this is the precise pathway that caffeine utilizes to ward off fatigue and provide upliftment.   Adenosine is a molecule produced in our bodies throughout the day as a result of normal daily activities, and when enough adenosine binds to adenosine receptors, the brain and body are alerted to feel ‘tired,’ this process is a way for the body to gauge when it’s had enough and needs rest to prevent injuries/stress from overexertion.   On the molecular level, caffeine is almost identical to adenosine, and as such it easily attaches to the adenosine receptors - preventing the real adenosine from getting in, and thus delaying feelings of being tired.   This study by NCBI states that a small dose of CBD administered to mice before sleeping time increased wakefulness during sleep. The same study shows that low-dose CBD increases expression of c-FOS (a marker of neuronal activity) in various regions of the brain, and may also increase dopamine release.   High Doses of CBD Could Make You Tired On the other hand, high doses of CBD (100-600mg) could cause you to feel sleepy and tired. Scientists have demonstrated that CBD has activity at various receptors (such as GABA, 5HT, mu/delta opioid, and CB1) that all have calming, sleep-inducing effects on the nervous system.   However, CBD oil may not cause tiredness in everyone - even with high doses. Scientists theorize that CBD may assist in treating the root of various sleep disorders, which we can divide into three main categories:   Dyssomnias: Problem initiating/maintaining sleep, as well as excessive sleepiness Parasomnias: Problems with waking up during sleep or sleep stage transition Sleep issues associated with various mental, neurological, or other medical disorders   There is a good chance that if you suffer from one of these sleeping disorders, CBD could do a great deal in helping you to heal the root cause of the issue.   The complex interplay between the GABAergic and glutamatergic systems in the brain is undergoing further research as another likely reason that CBD can have such opposing effects on different users.   Variations in GABAergic and glutamatergic systems can have a number of influencing factors, such as genetics, age, race, lifestyle, and history of/current drug use (benzodiazepines, alcohol, and GHB are examples of potent GABA-affecting drugs - while dissociatives such as DXM, ketamine, PCP, and nitrous oxide all exert powerful altering effects on the glutamatergic system).   To further complicate matters, this study from NCBI demonstrates that CBD has different effects on sleep depending on what time of day you dose.   Whether or Not CBD Oil Makes You Tired Depends On You Experts are beginning to discuss the idea that CBD doesn’t cause stimulation or sedation based merely on a certain dose range. This theory suggests that CBD is unique in the world of psychoactives, as most substances have relatively predictable effects depending on how much you take.   Currents trends suggest it’s a person’s different amounts of variables such as anxiety, stress, chemical imbalances, and others that influence how CBD will affect them.   Many people have trouble staying awake during the day, whether due to insomnia resulting in fatigue, narcolepsy, or adrenal fatigue. Inversely, about 70 million Americans suffer from some sleep disorder, whether chronic anxiety, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome (RLS).   Perhaps the most prominent role the endocannabinoid system plays is perpetually helping to bring balance and homeostasis to our bodies. Not only is CBD a cannabinoid that has direct benefits to the endocannabinoid system, but it also boosts levels of endogenous cannabinoids (like anandamide and 2-AG) that have further benefits to this vital component of our organism.   This function of being the master balance-bringer illustrates why CBD oil can either make you tired, or more awake. Based on your body’s current needs, CBD will adapt and provide you with what will offer the most healing. Finding the proper dosage is still very important, however - see our page on dosing for more info! As always, consult a healthcare provider before embarking on any natural products regimen!

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What Is The CBD Entourage Effect?

In the cannabis and, more specifically, the CBD industry, the “Entourage Effect” is a coined phrase you’ll often hear – but what does it mean?   Many explanations of the Entourage Effect are based on anecdotal evidence or conjecture, with a lot of scientific research still lacking or previously barred off from the public. Therefore, we’ll be providing only evidence-based information, formulated through the limited research we do have available thanks to the mild progression of legalization in the country.   Some CBD products give this “Entourage Effect” while others seem to provide a more isolated effect based solely from the CBD. So, what is the Entourage Effect? Let’s dive in to explain what the Entourage Effect is and what that means for certain CBD products.   Breaking Down the Cannabis Plant To better understand what this effect does, we must first look at where CBD derives from – that is, the whole plant of cannabis (or hemp). Each cannabis plant is made up of over 400 chemical compounds.   Of these, over 60 are cannabinoid compounds, which can respond to the endocannabinoid system in the human brain in a wide spectrum of different ways. The compounds are better known as terpenes and terpenoids. These same terpenes and terpenoids can be found in many other plants, including fruits, trees, herbs, and spices. The terpenoids and terpenes are what give each cannabis strain its distinctive, unique flavor and scent.   Some of these responses can even be opposing to each other, which ultimately cancels both effects. An example like this can be seen with the two most common and widely known compounds of the cannabis plant: CBD and THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound that provides medicinal benefits, while THC is the sole psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. While they can work synergistically together, high amounts of THC can be canceled out with CBD.   We know about CBD and THC, but what about the other 58+ cannabinoid compounds?   Each of those compounds found in cannabis strains work together to create the very phrase we’re talking about – the Entourage Effect.   What is the Entourage Effect? Even though THC is the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis, there are other compounds that help to bring out the euphoric benefits that the plant helps provide.   Myrcene is an excellent example. A compound found in cannabis, Myrcene is also well-known as the sedative-like compound in hops. When linalool is consumed through the cannabis plant, this promotes the strong “couch-locked” feeling that many Indica strains are better known for.   The Entourage Effect is when the largely non-psychoactive compounds present in cannabis modulate the overall psychoactive component of the plant. CBD is a key modulatory component, negating some of the psychosis-like and other negative effects of THC. When co-administered properly with THC, CBD can reduce the negative effects THC has on the memory while stimulating the same medicinal benefit that the formulation was intended for.     Where Did the Entourage Effect Come From? A novel molecular mechanism of cannabinoids and the biological activity that the cannabinoids experience in the presence of inactive compounds (AKA the Entourage Effect) was introduced as a concept in 1998 by Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shaba.   In addition, Dr. Mechoulam was responsible for discovering and synthesizing Δ-9-THC. While he was at it, he also discovered the human body’s endocannabinoid system, primarily located in the brain, as well as Anandamide, which is a neurotransmitter naturally transmitted in the brain to bind to THC receptors.   Whole Plant Versus a Single Component Synthetic THC was produced in the 1980’s, back when we all thought the THC is the only thing in the plant making us feel good. Scientists anticipated the drug, Marinol, to work just as well as the natural, whole plant substance. The scientists soon discovered that patients were still opting for the whole plant instead of Marinol.   Many other cannabinoids play a role in conjunction with THC or CBD to provide the relief and other benefits reported by cannabis users.   The Endocannabinoid System The human body naturally produces cannabinoids, which interact through receptors found on immune cells as well as neurons, or nerve cells. These cannabinoids suppress inflammation and reduce excess nerve activity. When consuming plants that have cannabinoids, our receptors respond in the same way through nerve impulses.   Even without THC, activating the receptors in the brain through cannabis can reduce inflammation and nerve stimulation, which is why pain management through cannabis is so strongly supported in clinical trials. Using a different mechanism for pain control than any other drug, it makes it easier to enhance pain management to some degree.   Is the Entourage Effect Desirable? There’s not really a short answer for this question, because it’s a little complicated. The reason we’re explaining the Entourage Effect and what it does, after all, is to help you make a better-informed decision on the CBD products available to you. It is up to user preference, in the end, to decide if they prefer the effect or not.   The best recommendation is to find a formulation that provides the specific Entourage Effect you’re looking for. Otherwise, throwing a full-spectrum CBD oil at the problem can mean a medley of cannabinoids being chucked at the receptors in your brain with no remorse. While you’re not going to have a bad time experiencing the effect, it may simply just not be the ideal effect you’re looking for.   However, if you do find yourself limited on options for formulations, full-spectrum CBD oil is going to provide a much fuller effect than pure CBD-derived oil. This is different for flower, as you’d want to look for a high CBD strain to get the fullest Entourage Effect with medicinal benefits. Regardless, CBD is more powerful when it hasn’t been stripped of its partnered key components.   Further research to attain a higher standard of quality control for these herbal products is a necessity as legalization gets pushed ever onward. With CBD legal across the nation, we’re able to see now just how vast the market of CBD oils and other CBD products really is – inconsistency, quality, and many other factors. The spectrum is wide, which is why we will continue to aim to provide you with the straight facts for CBD and CBD-related products – so you can trust what you’re going to consume.

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