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With a mission of restoring balance to the lives of women, Equilibria has created a catalog of top-tier CBD products. Each of which is carefully crafted with quality and science in mind.

What separates Equilibria from other CBD brands is the fact that they understand the diversity of the human body. Whether that be cyclical changes or challenges specific to women, such as menopause, Equilibria has made it their goal to provide all body types with the perfect product. And in this regard, their CBD speaks for itself.

We invite you to follow along as we take a deep dive into our Equilibria review. If you’re interested in any of the products featured here, we invite you to use our exclusive, sitewide Equilibria coupon code CBDN for 15% off your first order!

Equilibria: By Women For Women

  • High-quality selection of CBD products, each of which is carefully crafted
  • Science-backed products that incorporate other all-natural herbs and supplements
  • All hemp is sourced from an organic farm in Boulder, Colorado
  • Partnered with Black Girl Ventures
  • Website hosts lots of information concerning CBD and its potential benefits
  • Wholesale options available
  • Discounted bundles and frequent sales
  • Free standard shipping on all orders
  • Verified Equilibria coupon codes available

Equilibria Products

Whether it be CBD capsules or CBD gummies, Equilibria has a large selection of products for you to choose from. Each product is categorized by “Health Goal,” such as sleep or energy. For this reason, we’ve divided our review as such and will discuss each of the products found in these categories.

If you’re interested in any of the products featured here, we invite you to use our exclusive Equilibria discount code CBDN for 15% off your first order!

Equilibria Regular Strength Daily Drops

Daily Support

Looking for overall physical and mental wellbeing? Look no further than Equilibria’s selection of Daily Support products.

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If you’re in the market for high-quality full-spectrum CBD products, you’ll be most interested in Equilibria’s Daily Support catalog. Beyond offering the entourage effect, this selection is the perfect option for those looking for standard doses and no other active ingredients. In other words, these are the most standard products offered by Equilibria.

Currently, there are 5 products in this selection:

  • Daily Drops (Regular Strength) – Comes with 10mg servings (300mg total) in either Mint or Unflavored.
  • Daily Drops (Extra Strength) – Comes in 50mg servings (1500mg total) in a Natural flavoring.
  • Daily Softgels (Regular Strength) – Similar to the Daily Drops, these come in 10mg servings.
  • Daily Softgels (Extra Strength) – Comes in 25mg servings and can be purchased in a 30-count (750mg) or 60-count (1500mg).
  • Daily Gummies – Comes in 10mg servings and the flavors of Pineapple Dragonfruit or Pomegranate Blueberry.


With such a variety, Equilibria ensures there’s something here for everyone. Personally, we found the Daily Drops (Extra Strength) most effective – particularly due to its high CBD dosage. However, if you’re new to CBD and simply want to give it a go, we recommend either the Daily Drops (Regular Strength), Daily Softgels (Regular Strength), or Daily Gummies.

Stress / Calm

Studies reveal CBD may be able to ease stress and anxiety. But in order to garner these effects, you need the right product.

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Luckily, Equilibria has you covered with their Calm catalog. Beyond the Daily Drops (Regular Strength) and Daily Softgels (Regular Strength), two new products are also on offer here:

  • Stress Gummies – Incorporates a mushroom blend of Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Maitake, and Cordyceps.
  • Rapid Calming Melts – Incorporates 5mg of slow diffusion, maximum absorption CBD.


While not a CBD product, the Stress Gummies certainly caught our attention due to their unique formula. Furthermore, we found these gummies to be especially effective for stress when used alongside the Daily Drops.

Still, if you’re looking for a single CBD product, the Rapid Calming Melts are a great option. Being their fast diffusion, these tablets are great to take at the beginning of a long day.

Equilibria Sleep Gummies


Do you struggle with a sleeping disorder or simply don’t get the best night’s rest? Then Equilibria’s sleep products are just for you!

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When it comes to sleep, research reveals CBD holds a lot of potentials. Namely due to the fact that it helps to ease stress and anxieties that often lead to sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.

With that in mind, Equilibria’s Sleep catalog takes this a step further by adding other active, sleep-beneficial ingredients:

  • Sleep Gummies – Incorporates 25mg CBD, 5mg cannabinol (CBN), L-Theanine, and Chamomile while coming in a Bordeaux Cherry flavor.
  • Rapid Sleep Melts – Incorporates 5mg CBN, 10mg GABA, and 12mg Tart Cherry extract.


Out of these two options, we personally found the Sleep Gummies to be the most effective. This combination of ingredients (along with the standard CBD dosage) was enough to help ease our minds after a busy day. Still, if you’re looking for something a bit unique, the Rapid Sleep Melts potentially offer longer-lasting effects.

Equilibria Relief Balm

Discomfort / Relief

When it comes to pain relief, CBD holds a lot of potentials. But what are the best types of products for these kinds of conditions?

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Topicals! Through a CBD cream, lotion, or roll-on, you have the ability to directly target pain. Not to mention, most topicals are made with other analgesic ingredients, leaving you with the most amount of discomfort relief.

Equilibria’s CBD Discomfort / Relief catalog has the largest assortment of products in comparison to its other selections. Beyond Daily Drops (Regular Strength) and Daily Softgels (Regular Strength), you’ll also find here:

  • Relief Balm – Comes with 500mg of CBD alongside other active ingredients, such as menthol and arnica.
  • Recovery Roll-On – Comes with 750mg of CBD alongside other active ingredients, such as menthol and white willow bark extract.
  • Mindful Mineral Soak – 200mg of CBD in a bath soak infused with Jasmine and Gardenia Essential Oils.
  • Nourishing Body Oil – With 250mg CBD and Bergamot, Lavender, Ylang Ylang Extra, and Chamomile, this oil can act as an extra relief massage oil.
  • Luxury Bath Bombs (3-Pack) – 50mg per CBD bath bomb in the scents of Lavender Lemongrass or Cardamom Rose.
  • Relaxation Soak – With 200mg CBD, these bath soaks also incorporate dried lavender, calming vanilla, Mediterranean Sea, and Dead Sea salt.


The type of product you choose is based on personal preference. For athletes or people who seek to ease pain after a workout, you’ll likely benefit most from the Relief Balm, Recovery Roll-On, or Nourishing Body Oil. However, if you struggle with a pain-causing ailment (such as arthritis), you may prefer bath and body products, such as the Mindful Mineral Soak, Luxury Bath Bombs, or Relaxation Soak.

Equilibria Energy Capsules


Is that cup of coffee just not doing it? Why not give CBD and other active ingredients a try?

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Perhaps their most unique catalog, Equilibria’s Energy selection incorporates three products, each of which is designed to not only relieve stress, but help wakes you up. Admittedly, when it comes to CBD for energy, high doses aren’t ideal. But Equilibria is aware of this and has designed products accordingly:

  • Energy Capsules – A great vegan option of L-Theanine and naturally-extracted caffeine.
  • Dynamic Roller Duo – A CBD topical that’s designed to either calm or energize specific pressure points.


While they don’t incorporate CBD, the Energy Capsules are an ideal solution for waking up in the morning. We found this to go hand-in-hand with CBD, giving us the opportunity to ease daily stress and some of the jitteriness that comes with caffeine.

Best Selling Bundles

Want multiple Equilibria products at once? Why not opt for a discounted bundle?

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In order to help you gain the most out of their products, Equilibria offers a wide selection of bundles. Some of these are designed by Health Goal. For example, the Calm+ Bundle comes with Daily Drops (Regular Strength), Daily Softgels (Regular Strength), and Rapid Calming Melts.

Equilibria Buyer’s Guide

Equilibria Dosage Recommendation

All of Equilibria’s products are already dosed for your convenience. Admittedly, some of their essential products – such as the Daily Drops (Regular Strength) and Daily Softgels (Regular Strength) come in fairly low CBD dosages (10mg). These doses are good starting points if you’ve never tried CBD before.

However, if you have had CBD previously or simply struggle with a severe health condition, you’ll want higher strengths than what these offers. In such cases, we recommend the Daily Drops (Extra Strength) at 50mg.

Most of the other products mentioned here (including the topicals) come in fairly regular strengths. This makes them well-rounded and a great option for just about anyone. Still, if you struggle to garner the effects you were looking for from these products, we recommend gradually increasing your dose.

Equilibria Certification of Analysis (CoA)

In order to ensure quality and safety, top CBD brands will run their products through a third-party lab test. These will provide you with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that details a number of aspects of the product, such as cannabinoid profile and contaminants.

Admittedly, many of Equilibria’s products contain outdated Lab Reports. In other words, it doesn’t appear as though they test by batch. Still, the lab reports we do have show that these products are high-quality and safe.

Overall Thoughts on Equilibria

Equilibria offers more than just a large assortment of products. Each of these products is specifically designed to aid women with specific health conditions by incorporating other active ingredients. For this reason, Equilibria’s CBD selection stands out greatly among the competition.

This is especially true considering some of these products don’t even incorporate CBD. This gives you as the customer the ability to try other natural options from a single brand. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to include some of these other natural options with your other Equilibria CBD products.

Overall, we highly recommend Equilibria to everyone! Even though their products are advertised for women, we found that all genders can benefit from this carefully crafted and high-quality catalog.

How to Use an Equilibria Coupon Code

Did you enjoy our Equilibria review and are interested in their products? We invite you to use our Equilibria promo code CBDN for 15% off your first order! This is a great deal, especially if you use it alongside one of the already discounted bundles.

In order to use this coupon, you’ll first need to make a selection from Equilibria’s catalog. Once you’ve chosen your products, you can head over to your shopping cart. There (at the bottom of the tab, below your products) you have the option to apply a coupon.

Equilibria FAQs

When hemp is harvested, it creates a fine powder of dust known as trichomes. These also produce therapeutic effects and help to further the benefits of hemp products. In order to ensure all trichomes are saved and placed in products, Equilibria hand-harvests.

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