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CBDNerds Staff September 5, 2018
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Update: Our Koi CBD Coupons only work at CBDChoice.com. These allow for larger discounts than shopping via Koi CBD directly. You can click the coupon and shop the Koi’s products from the new page that pops up.

Review Summary

Koi CBD is one of the largest CBD brands currently on the market and its reputation is reflected in the quality of its products. One of their best-sellers is their CBD flower which can be purchased in a variety of strains.

Koi CBD offers safe hemp-derived CBD that is nonpsychoactive (doesn’t get you high). This is because their products are THC-free allowing you to legally order products and have them shipped right to your door.

Koi takes pride in using only the purest ingredients. They test each batch for purity, safety, and consistency. Moreover, they’ve given us a unique Koi CBD coupon code to help you save when you order their products.


There’s Nothing Coy About Koi CBD

  • Known for having some of the best-tasting CBD oils
  • Popular for their CBD vape juices with exceptional flavors
  • Have a veteran’s discount program
  • Fair pricing with Koi coupon codes offered for additional savings


  • Offers a wide variety of flavored CBD oils
  • Offers military discounts
  • Competitive pricing


  • Only ships to the U.S. and U.K.
  • Free shipping only available if you spend $35 or more

Koi CBD Products

At Koi, you’ll find a roster of oils, vapes, gummies, and even CBD products for your pets. Our furry friends can also use CBD to help them relax. You will, of course, have to administer the CBD to them. Unless Fido and Fluffy have grown opposable thumbs, in which case, get them their own YouTube channel!

Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Oil Tincture


Koi CBD Oils

Koi CBD Oil is full-spectrum meaning they don’t isolate the terpenes. We recommend full-spectrum over isolates as the other compounds work in conjunction with the CBD. Flavors include Natural, Spearmint, Orange, and Lemon Lime. Prices start at $39.99 and you can apply our Koi CBD coupon code for 10% off. You can get 250mg up to 1000mg of CBD with each tincture. As you go higher the cost of the bottle goes up.

Redeem code koipromo2 for 10% Off Coupon Code (Via CBDChoice.com)

Koi CBD Gummies Anytime Balance


Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD Gummies are a popular way to take CBD via edibles. Unlike other brands that just spray CBD onto gummies, they actually roll it in multiple times. This is so each gummy has an even distribution of CBD. There are two different flavor options to choose from, the Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies and the Sour Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies. Just to be clear, these contain zero THC and like the rest of Koi products, they won’t get you high. These contain full-spectrum CBD which includes additional non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Prices range from $9.99 to $29.99. You can use the Koi coupon code we offer for 10% off.

Redeem code koipromo2 for 10% Off Discount Code (Via CBDChoice.com)

Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Pet Spray


Koi CBD for Pets

There are two options if you want to give your pets CBD: The Koi Naturals Soft Chews and The Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Spray. Both products serve the same purpose and are just different options depending on what you think is easiest to administer to your pet. The Soft Chews contain all organic non-GMO hemp and have 0% THC. These have a chicken and natural bacon flavor. The price is $29.99 for 25 treats that each contain 2.5mg CBD. Even though the CBD Oil Spray is $59.99, it’s a much better value as it has a total of 500mg CBD. Yes, our Koi CBD coupons at the top also save you 10% off.

Redeem code No Coupon needed for 25% Off Military discount (Via CBDChoice.com)

Buyer’s Guide

Koi CBD Lab Testing

The brand has been around longer than most CBD retailers and can be found in hundreds of stores selling CBD as well as online. There is some value in shopping online as you can still get free shipping as well as Koi CBD discount codes that aren’t offered in brick and mortar stores. They also provide lab results from products tested right on their website. The lab that does their testing is called Cannasafe and they’re based out of Van Nuys, California.

How to Use Our Koi CBD Coupon Code

Koi CBD currently offers a 10% coupon code and this is the largest one out there with the exception of their Black Friday coupon which can be as high as 25%. In order to use one of these coupon codes, you can click “Get Coupon” on the right side of this review or click “Shop Now”. Once you are done shopping from their website, look for the coupon code box at checkout. From there just paste in the code “koidrip10” and you’ll get 10% off. This Koi coupon works for all products and there’s no limit on usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

In accordance with their lab reports, all of Koi CBD’s products contain less than 0.001% THC. This amount is so small, it won’t cause psychoactivity. However, there is a chance it can appear on a drug test.

5 User Reviews

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Best Tasting

September 05, 2018 by Brian

Their oils taste the best that's for sure. I tried the orange flavor and it has a sweet taste to it, will make your tongue tingle a little but you'll feel relaxed in around 30 minutes. Thanks Koi!

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December 16, 2018 by theo

Your best bet with these guys are the CBD vape liquids. They last the longest and you get the most CBD for your money.

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March 24, 2019 by Crystal

The Soft Chews are $30 and don't last that long. There's not that much CBD in them so you have to give your dog several of them if he's on the bigger side.

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April 03, 2019 by Allison Freely

The coupon code worked! I've bought Koi products in stores a bunch and didn't even realize you can buy them online and use a coupon. Their products can be expensive but they work for me :)

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

I loved it.

January 15, 2020 by Aqib Sharif

I loved Koi CBD products. I purchased them from thewellnesskafe.com before. I'll try direct CBD too. Thank for the coupon.

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