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With over one million units sold and thousands of satisfied customers across the nation, CBD Drip was already an e-liquid industry leader before they ever dove into CBD products. Their e-liquids were popular, but their consumers knew there was something missing – and that missing ingredient was an original CBD oil vape additive that creates the perfect combination of cbd vape juice.


Instead of infusing all their vape products with CBD, they formulated the additive to give full control of how much CBD is in the product to their consumers instead of deciding for them. We were intrigued by this idea and interested in the other CBD products they now have available in addition to the vape liquid. Not only is there just raw CBD, but there are tinctures, infused drinks, capsules, and even CBD pet products.


We wanted to give overall CBD drip reviews for a variety of products, so we’re going to dive into our experience with all of them. Let’s jump into our full individual reviews to find out what makes them unique, what we thought of each product and the pros and cons of the company as a CBD brand. If you like the experience we had or just end up wanting to try it for yourself, we’ll have a CBD drip coupon code waiting for you at the end of the review. Let’s get started so you can get your favourite e liquids at a discount!


What's Unique About CBD Drip?

  • Wide range of different CBD products available
  • Previously an e-liquid brand that perfected a CBD additive formula
  • Comprehensive help and FAQ section for those new to CBD or CBD Drip
  • Active on different social platforms to a massive and wide audience
  • 5-star trust rating on TrustPilot


CBD Drip Reviews | Products

CBD Capsules and Softgels

Most CBD brands offer either capsules or softgels, but CBD Drip offers both. Not only do they have bottles of 30 softgels or capsules each, but they also have convenient travel packs we were able to sample with. The travel pack contains 2 capsules or softgels, containing 60+mg CBD per pack. For the capsules, there was 170mg in a total of pure hemp plant extract, which is why they specify “60+.” They can be taken on an empty or full stomach, but it’s recommended that you take at least one in the morning and then, preferably, the next one in the evening.

CBD Drip EcoGels Hemp Extract


CBD Drinks

There are two types of CBD drinks available through CBD Drip: their Focused Energy and their Chill Relaxation. Able to work in tandem with each other, the Energy is for in the morning and the Relax is for in the evening. Both effective, our only complaint was the lack of flavor variety available.

CBD Drip EcoShot CBD Drink


CBD for Pets

CBD Drip only has one pet product available: a hemp extract oil in their ECOPETS line called Calm & Comfort. With a natural bacon flavor, it contains a fractionated coconut oil to maintain a dog’s coat, as well as Omega-3, Omega-6, vitamin E, and many other essential natural nutrients. Though it does contain natural bacon flavor and it’s designed for pets, it’s also a vegan product. We hadn’t known prior that dogs, cats, and other general carnivores can eat certain vegetables, fruits, and other vegan foods safely – in fact, when you get the right ingredients, it’s actually good for their general health and wellness.

CBD Drip CBD Pet Products


CBD Drip Onyx (CBD Tinctures)

The CBD Drip Onyx is one of the CBD Drip's most powerful products when comes to sublingual drops. This is also known as their ECODROPS line, they offer Relief, Focus, Boost, Dream, or a fun combo pack to try them all out. Onyx is a natural hemp extract that's not synthetic. It's a full spectrum CBD that helps you achieve the entourage effect. It's recommended to take 3-5 drops since the CBD Drip Onyx is so strong. Don't worry though, it won't get you high as there isn't enough THC. The full spectrum hemp extract has a natural taste with no added flavors


We decided to take advantage of the combo pack to get a feel for all the tinctures the brand had available. The combo pack contained 50+mg per ml of CBD concentrate or 1500+mg of active CBD and 9300+mg of pure hemp oil extract. This was to ensure the potency of each product goes above and beyond expectations instead of coming up on the bare minimum, which we appreciated.


The names give a general idea of what each drop is ideal for. Relief is geared towards inflammatory and pain relief. Focus was crafted for productivity and added energy with a custom terpene blend of ginger, lemon, and orange terpenes. Though they sound similar, Boost is aimed more towards mood enhancement. It can help you feel better throughout the day with a lighter weight on your shoulders. Finally, Dream is engineered as a sleep and relaxation aid. All tinctures were effective at what they were formulated for, as we noticed minor differences between all four.

CBD Drip Onyx


CBD Drip Pros

  • Massive variety of products available works great customized preferences
  • Wholesale pricing options available for tier pricing
  • CBD Drip affiliate program available for those who want to resell CBD products
  • Lab test results available easily and readily on their web platform
  • CBD Drip coupon codes available online
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Made with high quality hemp plants


CBD Drip Cons

  • Only reachable during normal business hours, weekdays 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Free shipping is only available on orders over $50


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Disclaimer: The following CBD Drip reviews are made by consumers. CBD Drip has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CBD Drip products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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