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Dixie Botanicals Coupon And Reviews

Dixie Botanicals was launched in 2012 and offers a variety of hemp CBD products online. Their CBD products are non-psychoactive, safe, legal and ship right to your front door. Dixie Botanicals infuses their hemp CBD with stevia to help sweeten the taste of bitter CBD oil. They use a team of scientists, clinical herbalists, and nutritionists to create hemp extracts that are triple lab tested and top quality. We take a deeper dive into their products and recommendations below. If you're looking to shop Dixie Botanicals be sure to use one of our coupon codes on the right sid of this page. If you're here for Dixie Botanicals reviews then scroll down. 


What's Unique About Dixie Botanicals?

  • THC-free non psychoactive CBD products
  • Triple lab tested for purity and consistency
  • Sweet tasting CBD oil with stevia
  • Dixie Botanicals coupons and CBD oil for sale offered
  • Offer dab oils and CBD isolates


Dixie Botanicals Products

CBD Tinctures

Dixie Botanicals offer CBD oil in two different concentrations: 100mg and 500mg. Both strengths come in three flavors: natural, cinnamon and peppermint. These tinctures are vegetarian, non GMO and soy free. The CBD is extracted from hemp of European origin. I would recommend the 500mg as 100mg is just too low of a concentration to really yield results.


CBD Concentrates

Dixie Botanicals offers a pure CBD isolate and dab oil. Their CBD isolate is refined to a purity of 99% pure powdered CBD. The potency and ratio of this CBD isolate can be controlled by dabbing as is or mixing with other cannabis extracts. For vaping, add the isolate to your vape juice or e-liquid. You can also blend the isolate with foods and beverages without heating as it is already decarboxylated. It comes packed in portable 1g jars containing 990mg of CBD. The Dixie Botanicals dab oil is a filtered, decarboxylated CBD oil that retains the hemp plant’s original cannabinoid content and terpene profile. It is extracted using safe supercritical CO2 and contains 30% CBD.


CBD Capsules

Dixie Botanicals offers CBD gel capsules containing full spectrum hemp oil. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, as well as medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from wholesome coconut oil to boost absorption. Each jar contains 30 gel capsules and is sold at $109. Use one of our Dixie Botanicals coupon codes to get 10% off on these capsules. 


CBD Energy

DB offers three different flavors of energizing CBD chews: Mango citrus, sour apple and chocolate.


Mango Citrus chews

Each bite-sized Mango Citrus flavored chew contains 60 mcg of Vitamin D3 and is infused with CBD and B vitamins. These chews are THC free. A container is packed with 30 chews and costs $49.99.



Salvation Balm

This DB skin balm contains a brilliant mix of beeswax, camphor oil, cedarwood, lavender oil, and cannabis sativa (hemp) CBD oil. It is paraben free and completely safe for the skin. It is ideal for tired muscles, dry hair and skin and so much more.


CBD Vape Liquid + KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer Bundle

This bundle has the Dixie Botanicals a CBD vape liquid and a vaporizer pen from KandyPens. The two work seamlessly together to give you a great vaping experience. The bundle costs $129.99. The DB vape liquid comes in a 30ml bottle containing 1000mg of CBD, made with CBD isolate. It comes in three flavors: sour watermelon, vanilla caramel and blackberry lemonade.


Dixie Botanicals Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect way to gift your cannabis-loving friends and family. A gift card costs between $25.00 -$200.00. These gift cards are redeemable with CBD products from Dixie Botanicals.  The gift cards are delivered through the mail and contain instructions of how to redeem the cash equivalent.



Dixie Botanicals Pros

  • They offer 10% off your first purchase
  • Triple lab test all their CBD products
  • They use hemp oil exclusively sourced from the Netherlands
  • Dixie Botanicals coupon codes at 10%
  • Offer a wide variety of CBD products
  • They have bot THC free products + full-spectrum CBD
  • They offer bundles with different products at a discounted price



Dixie Botanicals Cons

  • CBD is not fully FDA approved
  • Not shipped outside the US
  • You have to spend $100 to qualify for free shipping

1 Dixie Botanicals Reviews

  1. Theo

    I tried the 500mg Hemp oil and immediately felt the effects. The bottle, however, is pretty large for 500mg of CBD (2oz). It tastes really good since it's mixed with MCT oil. This isn't raw CBD oil so if you're looking for that look elsewhere. 2019-02-20 21:52:22

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