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While CBN capsules are often praised for being a sleep aid, more research is necessary to confirm these claims. For this reason, we devised a list of the best CBN capsules that also incorporate other active ingredients.

Like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN) is a non-intoxicating hemp cannabinoid with many potential benefits. CBN is becoming particularly popular for supporting healthy sleep and can be found in many types of products, including capsules.

But not all CBN products are made equal. You have to consider many factors, like the reputation of the brand, third-party test results, price, additional ingredients, and more.

To help you make an educated choice, we reviewed the best CBN capsules for sleep and relaxation below.

Top 5 CBN Capsules Reviews

What are the Benefits of CBN Capsules?

While CBN is similar to CBD in the sense that it’s non-intoxicating, it may hold benefits that differ from CBD’s properties. Most notably, CBN is often hailed as a sleep aid.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much research to confirm these claims. Even more so, the study often referenced concluded that CBN’s sedating effects are only applicable when paired with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What are the Benefits of CBN Capsules?

That being said, it’s unclear whether or not CBN on its own will provide you with a better night’s rest. What we can confirm is that CBN likely works best when paired with hemp’s other cannabinoids. This is largely thanks to the entourage effect.


For this reason, almost all the products on our list are full-spectrum extract. Furthermore, some of these products also incorporate other active ingredients, such as melatonin and reishi mushroom extracts.


Furthermore, CBN may help to:


Choosing the Best CBN Products

There isn’t a whole lot of regulation in the CBD market. That’s why we consider multiple criteria to find the best CBN capsules:

Third-Party Testing

Tests done by independent labs help confirm that you’re actually getting what you paid for. They also add a layer of safety by testing for common contaminants. We only recommend CBD capsules with a complete third-party test.

Hemp Source

CBN and other cannabinoids are extracted from hemp, so it’s important to choose brands with a quality source. We consider where and how the hemp is grown, whether it’s USDA-certified, and other factors.

Company Reputation & Transparency

Positive customer reviews are one of the best ways to find reputable CBD brands. We also look at how open a company is about its production process, mission, and other helpful info.


We prefer full-spectrum capsules that contain CBN alongside CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Full-spectrum extracts appear to have greater effects than pure CBN or CBD. We also consider whether the product has additional active ingredients.


Potency is how much CBN/CBD you’re getting per capsule. We prefer to choose a variety of strengths to suit everyone’s preferences.


We compare the cost of CBN capsules by how much you pay per mg of cannabinoids to find reasonable prices. We also account for free shipping and other deals.

Gleb Oleinik

Gleb Oleinik is a freelance CBD & cannabis writer from Vancouver, Canada. He’s read thousands of studies about cannabinoids and other beneficial natural compounds, helping him translate complex science into plain language. He’s also written third-party lab test reports of CBD products and knows the industry inside and out. When he’s not writing, Gleb likes to spend his time in the gym and out in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBN capsules are hemp-derived supplements rich in the minor cannabinoid cannabinol (CBN). They’re typically used to support sleep and often also contain CBD and other cannabinoids.