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Vape pens with delta-8 THC may offer stress relief on par with regular delta-9 THC. Learn what makes some delta-8 cartridges better than the rest.

The delta-8 market is alive and prospering, a fact that critics would be hard-pressed to deny. As vape cartridges made with the synthetic cannabis compound continue to fly off the shelves, conscious consumers may be wondering how to ethically purchase delta-8 carts.

After all, the products being peddled online, in gas stations, and vape shops lack a cohesive set of regulations that would guarantee their safety. In light of this free-for-all style of delta-8 production and marketing, buyers need to know how to tell fact from fiction when it comes to delta-8 carts.

What’s Special About Delta-8?

The first thing to know about delta-8 is that it’s considered federally legal as long as brands comply with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, which states that hemp products contain no more than 0.3% THC. Delta-8 is extracted and synthesized from hemp, otherwise known as CBD (cannabidiol). In the big picture, individual states ultimately get the final word.

Among consumers, delta-8 is known as “diet weed” because it offers a toned-down high compared to regular delta-9 THC. There isn’t enough clinical evidence to say for sure, but anecdotally the stoney effects of delta-8 are believed to measure up to medicinal and recreational marijuana.

This all depends on the way you consume delta-8, which means that inexperienced consumers should exercise caution with edibles and tinctures. These delivery forms take longer to take effect and can lead people to believe they need to take more. So even if delta-8 is known as being half as potent as delta-9, it is entirely possible to accidentally overdose and wind up feeling too high.

For those who enjoy smoking cannabis, vape pens with delta-8 take effect almost immediately, giving you more breathing room to judge your tolerance as you experience delta-8 for the first time.

Ahead, the best delta-8 vape carts for the canna-curious and anyone interested in learning how to mindfully purchase and consume delta-8.

How to Vape Delta-8

Vaping delta-8 works the same as CBD and regular THC. To get started, you’ll need a cartridge (the oil), 510 thread battery, and USB charging cable. The battery is generally sold separately, but most carts work with the industry 510-standard size.

Vape batteries can be automatic or manual, which affects heat-up time. Automatic vapes don’t require as much button-mashing since you simply attach the cart to the battery, turn it on, and start vaping. Manual vapes generally use a 1-2-3 click pattern to activate, followed by a three to five-second delay as the battery heats to the desired voltage setting.

Choosing a vape battery with voltage variability gives you more control over the amount of vapor inhaled. You also experience the benefits of terpene expression as you switch from lower to higher heat settings. Disposable vapes don’t always come with this feature, which is something to keep in mind as you gather your vape essentials.

Safety Considerations

In the long term, there are still unknowns about the safety of delta-8 cartridges. These products are not regulated by the FDA, meanwhile, the market is largely unregulated. Because delta-8 involves chemical alteration, it’s important to buy from brands with published third-party lab results so you don’t ingest harmful chemicals, mold, pesticides, or solvents.

As a consumer, be mindful of where you put delta-8 at home to keep children out of your stash. You can also microdose delta-8 in small quantities to avoid taking too much. If you’re ever unsure, contact the brand directly to express your concerns. The best brands respond to email inquiries and are happy to provide more information.

Our Criteria for the Best Delta-8 Vape Carts

From the consumer’s standpoint, it takes a lot of patience and research to find trustworthy delta-8 products. Our job is to streamline the process so you don’t buy from sketchy brands that don’t take product safety seriously. Here’s how we selected the brands featured in this round-up:

  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA): Otherwise known as the lab results, a CoA contains precious information about what is and isn’t in delta-8 vape carts. The higher-rated brands on this list went the extra mile and did a full lab panel. Those that received a passing grade for pesticides, mold, solvents, acetate, and metals ranked above brands that only tested for potency.
  • Extraction Method: Some, not all, of the brands listed above-included information about the extraction method. Although this is more of a technicality, knowing the exact process and solvents used to extract and synthesize delta-8 from CBD affects the medicinal potential of cannabis compounds.
  • Price: The more inexpensive products ranked lower than the high-dollar cartridges because delta-8 extraction requires the expertise of experienced lab technicians. Brands also have to pay extra for full panel CoAs, so the more information available the better the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delta-8 is a synthetic compound made from hemp CBD. Cartridges (also known as carts) are one of three components needed to vape cannabis, followed by the 510 thread battery and USB charger.