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If you’re a fan of all-natural wellness and have wanted to develop your own recipes at home, it’s hard to find products more versatile than LĒVO Oil’s Infusion Machines. Through LĒVO’s patented technology, you have the option to infuse any botanical, herb, or spice of your choosing into oils and butter – allowing you to concoct perfect therapeutic supplements.

Personally, we found the LĒVO machines to be a great fit for developing our own unique cannabidiol (CBD) products from our home-grown hemp flower. We enjoyed playing around with CBD’s performance alongside other natural alternatives, such as ashwagandha, valerian root, and passionflower. All told, we were able to develop products fit for our ideal CBD experience.

If you want to develop your own botanical oils or butter, we invite you to follow our LĒVO Oil review. Not to mention, if you’re interested in these products, we invite you to use our LĒVO Oil coupon to help you save 10% on your purchase.

What’s Different About LĒVO Oil?

  • One of the best botanical infusers on the market
  • Machine parts are 100% dishwasher safe
  • No accessories required for Decarbing, Infusing, or straining
  • Minimize smell compared to oven Decarboxylation
  • Gentle stirring and no blades means better taste and longer shelf life
  • Can be purchased in a variety of colors
  • Free Shipping on LĒVO Machines
  • Website hosts a lot of recipes to get you started
  • Holds a large social media following and thousands of positive reviews
  • Rewards program lets you earn points and save
  • LĒVO App hosts product drops and sales
  • Can be paid through interest-free installment payments
  • 1-year warranty with all machines
  • All orders are typically processed in 2 business days
  • Wholesale options available




  • Machines tested and approved by Good Housekeeping (GH)
  • Lots of discounted bundle options to get you started with a LĒVO machine
  • Accident protection offered through Extend (up to 3 years)


  • Price becomes quite expensive when purchasing multiple LĒVO Oil products

LĒVO Oil Products

LĒVO Oil is best known for its infusion machines. But they also offer a variety of other products, including a gummy mixer, machine accessories, edible kits, and ingredients like oil and lecithin. If you’re new to herbal infusion, your best bet is to go with a bundled kit – this will provide you with everything you need to get started. However, if you’ve already been developing herbal recipes and are simply looking to upgrade a machine, our LĒVO Oil review will give you insight into these machines’ capabilities.

LEVO Oil Levo C


Regardless of your herbal preference, LĒVO C is a convenient means of infusing large batches of oils, butter, honey, vegetable glycerin, and more!

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Their newest machine, the LĒVO C is an infusion machine that allows you to create oils and foods with full control over the quality of your ingredients. It incorporates a 1 liter (4.5 cup) glass basin and a 1 ounce Jumbo Pod, and the parts are 100% dishwasher safe.

One of the biggest perks of LĒVO C is the fact that incorporates an ACTIVATE cycle (also known as decarboxylation). This allows you to optimize potency of your hemp and cannabis – giving you the benefit of fully tailoring your herbal infusion to your needs. Furthermore, LĒVO C gives you the ability to adjust precise time and temperature infusion controls – making it easier to replicate your favorite herbal botanicals down to the degree and minute.

The LĒVO C is designed for large batches which can be used for small businesses. With that said, if you’re a cannabis connoisseur looking to develop varying cannabinoid oils, you have a lot more to work with here than their other machines.

As with all LĒVO Oil machines, the LĒVO C comes with a one-year warranty. You also have the option of adding accident protection through Extend (up to 3 years). On its own, the LĒVO C costs $249.99. However, if you’re new to herbal infusions, we highly recommend going with a bundle kit as it will allow you to add on gummy mixes, oils, and accessories for a discount. Prices on these bundles vary depending on the kit you choose.



While LĒVO II is very similar to LĒVO C, it comes with a few added perks you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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Similar to LĒVO C, the LĒVO II also incorporates the ACTIVATE feature to decarboxylate your cannabis. However, it also offers a DRY feature to reduce moisture in garden-fresh herbs and spices, like fresh lavender, garlic, or chili peppers. Less moisture in your infusion means a longer shelf life and better taste. LĒVO II also has a dispense button, meaning you don’t have to pour your infusion; you can set a jar under the opening, press a button, and your strained infusion will flow down.

The only downside to LĒVO II is the fact that it doesn’t allow you to develop larger batches of infusions. To be exact, the LĒVO C allows up to 28 grams of herbs and 34 fluid ounces of liquid, whereas the LĒVO II can go up to 7 grams of herbs per pod (it will hold two Herb Pods) and 16 fluid ounces. As the website advertises, the LĒVO II is ideal for personal batches of products.

It’s also ideal if you’re looking to have more control over your infusions. With that said, the starting price on the LĒVO II is $329.99. However, there are bundle options available to help you get started.

LEVO Oil Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LEVO II

Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LĒVO II

LĒVO Oil offers a lot of bundle kits with their machine, but our personal favorite is the Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LĒVO II.

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Beyond coming with everything offered in the LĒVO II (see above), this kit also incorporates the Gummy Edibles Making Kit. Simply put, this kit provides you with everything you’ll need to start developing your own herbal-infused gummies (minus the herbs themselves).

You’ll get 4 flavors of LĒVO’s gummy mixes – Tropical Peach, Raspberry Sherbert, Tart Cherry, and Strawberry Lemonade. You also get two silicone gummy molds (with lids and droppers to make 64 3 mL gummies) and MCT oil (for 4 cups of infusion). In total, this kit gives you the opportunity to develop 256 gummies with infused oil leftover!

On its own, the Gummy Edibles Making Kit costs $109.99. When paired with the LĒVO II, the price jumps to $399.99. For those who don’t currently own a LĒVO machine and are new to herbal infusions, this is an obvious must-have. The LĒVO II machine on its own costs $329.99 – so, with this bundle, you’re ultimately saving $39.98!

LĒVO Oil Buyer’s Guide

What Other Products Does LĒVO Offer?

Beyond what’s mentioned above, LĒVO Oil offers a large selection of other products to help in your herbal infusion. While these products aren’t required for you to get started with your LĒVO Oil machine, they’re offered to make the whole process easier.

For example, LĒVO Oil directly sells a number of edible ingredients – including oils and gummy decorations, like edible glitter. Again, these aren’t a necessary purchase if you already have ingredients on hand. However, there are some perks to buying directly from LĒVO Oil themselves. For one, you know all these ingredients are compatible with the machine and the recipes offered in their cookbooks. Secondly, LĒVO Oil ensures you’re receiving the exact amount of an ingredient in order to develop multiple batches.

If you’re interested, the best way to purchase these ingredients is through LĒVO Oil’s versatile selection of Edible Mixes. Beyond a collection of ingredients, these also offer accessories to make the whole process easier, such as silicone trays for gummies and herb block trays for oil storage.

LĒVO Oil also offers other accessories to help the entire cooking process. One of the most notable is their Gummy Candy Mixer. Ultimately, this machine takes out the need for a stove, saucepan, and whisk, allowing you to develop infused gummies at the push of a button.


A machine like this is ideal for those looking to streamline the precise temperature and time on their gummy mixes. However, as already mentioned, this isn’t necessary to get going with your LĒVO Oil machine – it just makes the gummy-making process easier.


The Gummy Candy Mixer comes in at a price of $69.99. With that in mind, it’s an ideal solution for those who make gummy edibles on a regular basis.

LEVO Oil Gummy Candy Mixer

In fact, this is the case when it comes to most of the accessories offered by LĒVO Oil. They aren’t 100% necessary and will give you a much heftier price tag when checking out. It’s not a bad solution for newcomers, but we understand it’s not an economic solution for everyone.

Luckily, LĒVO Oil offers many of these accessories in discounted bundles to help you save on your total order. Not to mention, we offer a verified LĒVO Oil coupon (CBDNERDS) to save you 10% off your purchase.

Incorporating Cannabis into LEVO Recipes

For us, the best part about LEVO Oil’s machines is the fact that it allows us to develop our own cannabis products. Whether it’s a CBD gummy or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil, these machines make it easy to concoct your own recipes and know exactly what’s going in and on your body. No preservatives or additives are needed to make a LĒVO infusion

For these recipes, you’ll need cannabis or hemp flower. Keep in mind that the type of cannabis product you’re creating is largely a result of the flower you buy. If you’re looking for high THC, we recommend going with medical cannabis. If you’re looking for high CBD, you can purchase hemp flower legally in the U.S.

From there, you’ll want to find a recipe for the product you’re looking to make. For example, a gummy recipe can be easily put together through LĒVO’s Gummy Edibles Making Kit. However, more ambitious recipes, such as Italian cuisines, will require some specific information – you can find these either on their recipe blogs or through their digital cookbooks.

Luckily, LĒVO machines do most of the work for you. This is thanks to the fact that there’s an ACTIVATE cycle on both machines to decarb your cannabis. While you may need to do some prep work (as specific recipes will detail), most of the (very easy) effort comes from entering the right infusion settings for cannabis such as infusing for 165°F for 5 hours.

If you’re new to the world of making cannabis edibles, a LĒVO machine is undoubtedly the way to go. It takes out most of the guesswork while also ensuring you’re developing safe and effective products.

Overall Thoughts on LĒVO Oil

When it comes to developing herbal infusions, it’s hard to find a machine that makes it more convenient than LĒVO. More specifically, the fact that these machines are able to decarb cannabis without any extra steps or accessories makes them an ideal solution for newcomers. Personally, we were big fans of the fact that you can customize your settings – making it much easier to go back and develop multiple batches of our favorite recipes.

Another aspect of the LĒVO brand we really appreciate is the fact that their website offers you everything you need to make recipes. As we’ve mentioned, the addition of other LĒVO products will cause prices to jump. But due to the bundle options, promo codes, and other ways to save, we find LĒVO to be a fair competitor in the infusion machine space.

How to Use a LĒVO Oil Coupon Code

Enjoy our LĒVO Oil review? We invite you to use our discount code CBDNERDS to save you 10% on your total purchase. In order to use this code, you must first choose from LĒVO Oil’s selection of products. From there, you’ll find the option to type in a “Discount Code” within your shopping cart, underneath your selected product(s). Simply type in our code, hit apply, and you’ll see your savings instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

The LEVO II is a machine that was developed following the LEVO C. It incorporates all the same features as the LEVO C along with some new ones, including a dry cycle. The LEVO II is more ideal for personal use than the LEVO C as it cannot develop larger batches of recipes.

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