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Authored: Apr 23, 2019
Updated: May 1, 2021
Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD Vape Pens | Best of 2021

When looking to start consuming cannabidiol CBD, you will find that there are several methods to do so. These methods include CBD oil, CBD coffee, CBD capsules, and others. One of the popular ways to consume CBD is vaping, and it is considered one of the most effective and quickest-acting methods to consume CBD. This is in comparison to, for example, edible forms that have to be metabolized first before delivering their effects.


What makes vaping CBD quick-acting is that when we inhale CBD, it enters the bloodstream directly from our lungs. This is in contrast to some other popular products, like CBD oils and edibles, which must be processed through your liver which, in turn, requires additional time. Therefore, not only does it take longer for you to feel the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes, but some also found that feel fewer effects.


As a result, CBD vaping products became popular and is worth looking into by CBD users. But where do you begin? The following are our top picks for CBD vape pens in 2020.


Top-Ranking CBD Vape Pens

1.) CBDfx

CBDfx Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen

Rating 4.5/ 5

Extract Type: Broad-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 50mg - 1,800mg

Potency Range: Not mentioned

Price Range: $14.99 - $179.88

Value ($/mg): $0.09 - $0.29 per mg

THC Content: 0.0%

Lab Report: See Here

Flavor Variations: 6

Potency Variations1


CBDfx Pros:

  • CBD vape pens can be purchased in bundle packs, offering you flavor variety and helping you save money
  • Offers terpene pens as well
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


CBDfx Cons:

  • All vape pens only come in 1 potency


CBDfx has one of the most versatile selections of high-quality CBD vape pens on our list. For starters, they offer 50mg of CBD per vape pen in the following flavors: Blue Raspberry, Honeydew Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, Fresh Mint, Tropical Breeze, and Melon Cooler. Compared to the other brands we’ve reviewed, these are some of the most unique flavors on our list!


Furthermore, what really makes CBDfx stand out relative to the competition is the fact that they also offer terpene vape pens. These are made using the same 50mg broad-spectrum blend of CBD, enhanced with a some of the terpenes found within the hemp plant.


Terpenes are particularly interesting because each one can deliver different effects to the body. Some are great for getting a better night’s rest while others are better for easing anxiety. We suggest you do a bit of research to better understand terpenes and how they may be able to benefit you.


2.) Vape Bright

Vape Bright Thrive Beyond Starter Pack

Rating 4.5/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 250mg - 1,250mg

Potency Range: 10mg for every 8 inhalations

Price Range: $65.00 - $275.00

Value ($/mg): $0.22 - $0.26 per mg

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: See Here

Flavor Variations: 1

Potency Variations1


Vape Bright Pros:

  • Brand specializes in CBD vaping products
  • Package includes everything you need to get started (i.e. vape battery and charger)


Vape Bright Cons:

  • No variety in flavor or potency


Vape Bright is one of the brands featured here that solely develops CBD vaping products. As a result, they have been able to master cannabidiol vaporization and provide what we believe is one of the safest products on our list.


Currently, Vape Bright sells one type of CBD vape cartridge. Despite their product not being available in various flavors, it is loaded with a total of 250mg of CBD. These pens also contain one of the highest concentrations of CBD on our list - making it a desirable choice for those who may have developed a tolerance to the cannabinoid.


It is also worth mentioning that Vape Bright’s CBD vape cartridges are made without the addition of Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). For users who prefer to take their CBD with all-natural ingredients, this can be a significant selling factor.


If Vape Bright CBD’s vape cartridges sound like they would be a good fit for you, they can be purchased as a couple of different bundle packs that include a vaporizer battery and a cartridge. The CBD vape cartridges can also be purchased in bundle packs, allowing you to purchase up to 5 at a time.


3.) Try the CBD

Try the CBD Vape Pen Strawnana

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Isolate

Total CBD Range: 200mg - 300mg

Potency Range: About 2.6mg - 4mg per puff

Price Range: $27.99 - $34.99

Value ($/mg): $0.11 - $0.13 per mg

THC Content: 0.0%

Lab Report: Available on individual product pages

Flavor Variations: 7

Potency Variations2


Try the CBD Pros:

  • One of the most affordable CBD vape pens on our list (based on a per milligram [mg] basis)
  • Offers their CBD vape pens in 7 different hemp strain extracts


Try the CBD Cons:

  • No international shipping


Try the CBD offers one of the only best CBD vape pens on our list that comes in two different potencies - either 200mg or 300mg per vape pen. Each of these potencies can be purchased in a variety of hemp strain extracts. These include Gorilla Glue #4, Green Crack, Indica, Natural Flavor, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and Strawnana.


The benefit of having various hemp strain options is the fact that each strain will typically produce different effects. This, in part, is thanks to the various terpenes found within individual strains.


Green Crack, for example, would be a recommended strain for those who want to use CBD to wake up and focus. In contrast, the Indica blend would be a better fit for those looking at CBD for help getting a better night’s sleep. We suggest you do some research into these strains to further learn how each can help you.


Furthermore, Try the CBD also offers these varieties in CBD vape cartridges. These can be purchased at an even higher potency and cost either $34.99 (300mg) or $49.99 (500mg). Additionally, there are more strain varieties, such as Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, and Super Lemon Haze. These cartridges are compatible with pens that take 1 mL 510 thread CCel cartridges.


4.) Social CBD

Social CBD Relax Lavender CBD Vape Pen

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Isolate

Total CBD Range: 125mg - 250mg

Potency Range: Not mentioned

Price Range: $24.99 - $39.99

Value ($/mg): $0.15 - $0.19 per mg

THC Content: 0.0%

Lab Report: See Here

Flavor Variations: 6

Potency Variations2


Social CBD Pros:

  • Developed using three unique blends to help with different ailments
  • Offers a subscription service to help you save


Social CBD Cons:

  • Not all flavors are offered in all potencies


Social CBD products are more than just another disposable CBD vape pen. Each of their vape pens uses a distinctive set of all-natural ingredients to help you organically relieve or manage various ailments.


For example, their Peppermint and Spearmint blends are designed to promote mental clarity and help you focus. Whereas their Lavender and Cinnamon blends can relax the body and put your mind at ease. Finally, their Grapefruit and Lemon blends are meant to work gently in order to uplift your body and mind.


Unfortunately, not all flavor variations can be purchased in Social CBD’s two potencies - 125mg and 250mg. Some of their blends, like Revive Lemon, Relax Cinnamon, and Focus Spearmint, are only available in the 250mg option.


5.) Canna Trading

Canna Trading Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 200mg

Potency Range: Not mentioned

Price Range: $29.97

Value ($/mg): $0.14 per mg

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: See Here

Flavor Variations: 14

Potency Variations1


Canna Trading Pros:

  • Most flavor variety on our list
  • Available option to purchase a vaporizer battery, charger, and CBD cartridges in all their unique flavors


Canna Trading Cons:

  • All disposable CBD vape pens only come in 1 potency


If you’re looking for a tasty variety of CBD vape pens, Cann Trading’s product line is definitely one that you want to check out. Each vape pen is packed to the brim with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD. This means you will be receiving a wide range of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids with every puff you take.


Canna Trading offers the largest flavor variety on our list. Each vape pen can be purchased in Peppermint (suggested to treat inflammation), Blueberry Kush, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Girlscout Cookie’s Thin Mints, OG Kush, Original flavor (suggested for inducing calmness), Pineapple, Skittles, Sour Diesel, Sour Kush, Strawnana, Sunset Sherbert, Super Lemon Haze, and Tangie.


Canna Trading offers a selection that will keep you wanting to come back for something new. Also notably, the higher potency offered is ideal for more experienced CBD users looking for stronger or more noticeable effects.


6.) PureKana

Premium Jane Blue Raz CBD Vape Pen Calm

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 200mg

Potency Range: 1.85mg per serving

Price Range: $50.00

Value ($/mg): $0.25 per mg

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: Available on individual product pages

Flavor Variations: 4

Potency Variations1


PureKana Pros:

  • Comes in four different flavors to provide four different effects
  • Uses industry-standard CO2 extraction
  • Free shipping on all orders


PureKana Cons:

  • Only comes in one potency option


While PureKana’s selection of CBD vape pens includes several flavors, what makes them stand out is the fact that these flavors each have a different intended use, and can produce different effects. PureKana is able to do this by incorporating different all-natural ingredients into their pens, each of which has the potential to help with various ailments.


For example, if you’re looking to use a vape pen that helps keep you energized, you’ll want to look into PureKana’s Watermelon Mint CBD Vape Pen (Recharge). On the other hand, if you’re more interested in something that can help you get a restful night’s sleep, you may want to try their Mint CBD Vape Pen (Comfort) instead.


The other two flavor/ingredient variations PureKana offers are Blue Raz (Calm) and Blood Orange (Composed). With these variations, you have the option to seek exactly what you’re looking for in CBD, and purchase a product designed to serve that purpose – a unique feature that not every company offering CBD vape pens offers.


7.) Wildflower

Wildflower Aches CBD Vaporizer

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Broad-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 150mg

Potency Range: Not mentioned

Price Range: $59.99

Value ($/mg): $0.39 per mg

THC Content: 0.0%

Lab Report: None

Flavor Variations: 3

Potency Variations1


Wildflower Pros:

  • Comes in three varieties to help with different ailments
  • Offers their varieties in disposable pens, rechargeable batteries, and cartridges
  • Offers a subscription service to make your purchase more economical


Wildflower Cons:

  • Low CBD dosage
  • No Certificate of Analysis available


Instead of flavor variety, Wildflower has taken a different approach to differentiate its products within the CBD vaporizer market. Each of their three unique disposable CBD vape pens is specifically designed and blended to help with different ailments. These ailments are indicated in the vaporizer’s titles and are; Aches, Immunity, Dreams.


These CBD vape pens are made using all-natural, 100% vegan ingredients. They are discreet and designed to be leak-proof. The only downside we found is that they only come in a single dose of 150mg of CBD - one of the lowest on our list.


However, if you find yourself enjoying these vape pens, Wildflower offers you the option to purchase their varieties (except for Dreams) in either a rechargeable vaporizer or a CBD cartridge.


8.) Just CBD

JustCBD CBD Vape Cartridge Grape Glacier

Rating 3.5/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 200mg

Potency Range: Not mentioned

Price Range: $15.99 - $22.99

Value ($/mg): $0.07 - $0.11 per mg

THC Content: <0.3% (full-spectrum) or 0.0% (broad-spectrum)

Lab Report: See Here

Flavor Variations: 11

Potency Variations1


Just CBD Pros:

  • Offers a variety in terms of flavor
  • Offers CBD vape cartridges in two extract types


Just CBD Cons:

  • No disposable CBD vape pens (only vape batteries and cartridges)


Just CBD is one of the few CBD brands that offer vape pens in two different extracts: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. If you don’t mind a bit of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your vape pen, we suggest going with the full-spectrum blend as there are more flavor options. However, if you prefer avoiding THC entirely, you can always choose from one of the three broad-spectrum blends in Just CBD’s Signature CBD Cartridges.


Each blend comes in a set of different flavors. Of the full spectrum extracts, you can choose Lemon, Watermelon, Grape Glacier, Vanilla Custard Cream, Strawberry, and Blueberry. And for broad-spectrum extracts, you have the options of Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, and Northern Lights.


With the choice of flavors available, keep in mind that each Signature CBD Cartridge is made using a specific type of hemp strain. This means that each hemp strain comes with a set of terpenes - each of which may carry different effects and may be able to help with different ailments.


What Are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD vape pens typically come in one of two varieties:


  • Disposable CBD Vape Pens - vapes containing a battery, atomizer, and a pre-loaded cartridge containing CBD e-juice. They work in a fashion very similar to e-cigarettes. Each disposable CBD vape pen usually comes preloaded with a few hundred puffs. Once the juice is depleted, the pen can be thrown out.
  • Refillable CBD Vape Pens - a type of vape pen device that can be continuously re-filled with CBD e-juice, even after the first cartridge runs out. These usually require two purchases; 1.) a rechargeable battery (usually 510 thread) and 2.) either pre-filled cartridges or tanks that can be refilled.


There is no real difference between how these two CBD vape pens work. Both pens offer you the ability to take direct lung (DL) or mouth to lung (MTL) draws. With that said, both methods deliver their effects to your body in the same way.


The main difference between refillable and disposable pens, however, is that a refillable CBD vape pen will typically have a longer lifespan and will save you money in the long run. After purchasing a battery, CBD cartridges are considered relatively affordable. On the other hand, the key benefit to a disposable vape pen is that there is no significant starting cost or commitment - if you find you do not like CBD vaping, you will not have invested any money into a long-term product.


What Do CBD Vape Pens Do?

CBD vape pens will deliver similar effects to CBD oils, edibles, and other CBD products. The key difference is that you’re consuming your CBD through inhalation. This consumption method allows for CBD to enter through the lungs and into your bloodstream much quicker than other consumption methods out there.


Since vaping CBD delivers almost immediate effects, many have turned to vape products for ailments that require immediate relief. Anxiety is a great example since, in many cases, a rise in anxiety levels can be surprising and hard to predict. So, when they do start rising, it’s likely you’ll want something that can quickly and efficiently calm you down, and your CBD vape pen can help you achieve that.


Are There Health Benefits to CBD Vape Pens?

At this moment, more research is required before the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) can approve CBD products for health benefits and medicinal use. However, there have been several users who self-reported experiencing the numerous therapeutic effects cannabidiol (CBD) has along with some preliminary studies supporting those reports.


Some of the therapeutic effects that users have reported include:


  • Anxiety - Using advanced brain imaging, research has shown that CBD can have an anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effect. Due to the way CBD can regulate mood, it’s also being looked at as therapeutic treatment for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Epilepsy and Seizures - Presently, the only cannabis medication approved by the FDA is Epidiolex which uses CBD manage epilepsy and seizures. While research showing CBD’s ability to reduce or even block convulsions dates as far back as the 1970s, a young girl with Dravet syndrome named Charlotte Figi recently used CBD to drastically reduce her seizures. She reported a reduction in monthly seizures, from having 1,200 seizures a month to just 2 or 3.
  • Inflammation - CBD has been found to be a natural anti-inflammatory and many have self-reported that it helps ward off various types of pain.
  • Insomnia - One of the few side effects that comes with CBD is fatigue - especially, when taken in higher doses. For this reason, CBD has been researched as a sleep-inducer. Not only have studies found that it can help with insomnia, but many have self-reported getting a better night’s rest after taking CBD.
  • Side Effects From Chemotherapy - While research has shown that CBD can inhibit cancer cell growth, there’s been some notable studies showing it can help ease side effects of chemotherapy, including nausea and vomiting.


It’s important to also point out that these health benefits may appear from any CBD consumption method and haven’t been exclusively linked to vaping or any other method. The main reason you would choose vaping over a tincture or a CBD gummy is if you are looking for an immediate effect.


CBD Vape Pens Dosage Recommendation

It is difficult to accurately track a CBD vape pen dosage as you never really know how many milligrams (mg) you’re getting with each puff. While some companies have taken the time to do the math, most will simply tell you how much CBD is included in the pen or cartridge.


If you’re new to vaping CBD and aren’t sure how much to inhale, we suggest starting small and working your way up. In other words, take 2 to 3 puffs and seeing how they make you feel. If you aren’t feeling the desired effects, work your way up to 5 or 6 puffs, then 8 to 10, and so on.


Like other medications and supplements, CBD has different effects on different people. Some of the variables that may impact how CBD affects you include:


  • Ailment - If you’re taking CBD for a specific reason (i.e. anxiety or inflammation), consider how strong your ailment is in comparison to others. The stronger the ailment, the more CBD you may need.
  • Body Weight - Generally speaking, the more you weigh, the more CBD you’ll need in order to feel the effects.
  • Strength - Every CBD product has its potency measured out in milligrams (mg). The higher this number, the stronger a product is. The stronger a product is, the less inhaling you need to do in order to feel the effects.
  • Tolerance - Our bodies naturally develop a tolerance to CBD over time. Therefore, if you’ve been taking CBD for a while, you may need to consume more of it in order to achieve the same effects you experienced the first time.

If you are currently taking any prescription medication, we strongly suggest that you consult your physician before taking CBD. While it is a rare occurrence, CBD has been found to negatively interact with certain medications.


Our Criteria for CBD Vape Pens

In order to put together our list of the best CBD vape pens, we took a few things into consideration. Here are our criteria for what we believe makes a high-quality CBD vape pen:


  • Certificate of Analysis - Since the CBD industry isn’t regulated, it’s easy for companies to put out low-quality products. One way to ensure a product is both high-quality and safe is by checking for a certificate of analysis. These are third-party lab tests that evaluate several aspects of the CBD used, including its cannabinoid/terpene count and whether or not it contains any contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides.
  • Extract Type - When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it can come in three different extract types. These include:
    • Full-Spectrum: Makes use of all of hemp’s cannabinoids.
    • Broad-Spectrum: Makes use of all of hemp’s cannabinoids, except tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
    • CBD Isolate: Only contains cannabidiol and no other cannabinoid.
  • Hemp Source - The majority of CBD on the market is sourced from the hemp plant. For this reason, it’s important to ensure brands grow organic and locally sourced hemp.
  • Ingredients – There has been recent controversy surrounding the ingredients found in vape products and their impact on consumers’ health. Subsequently, we find it important to make sure all of the ingredients within these vape pens are safe to consume. We made sure the companies listed here used only essential ingredients for vaping products and avoided Vitamin E acetate at all costs.
  • Potency - Every CBD product will advertise its potency through a milligram (mg) count. This will inform you of how strong or how mild a product is.


Potential Side Effects and Concerns with CBD Vape Pens

When it comes to vaping products, there’s always been a concern surrounding the fact that you’re inhaling chemicals into your lungs. While studies have shown that vaping is typically safer than smoking, it’s too early to tell what the long-term consequences of vaping CBD could be.


Furthermore, the cannabis industry was recently under scrutiny when vaping products were allegedly sending people to hospitals, sometimes with fatal consequences. Fortunately for vape users, researchers have found the reason for the hospitalizations and adverse health effects was Vitamin E acetate – a naturally-occurring compound that is found in the body, and that can also be extracted from certain foods. While Vitamin E is safe when consumed through digestion, it can be extremely dangerous when vaporized and inhaled.


The main reason for this outbreak was less reputable cannabis companies putting out products into the market that didn’t adhere to safety guidelines. In order to ensure the safety for our readers, we only included reputable CBD companies on this list, as well as on other reviews we have put on. In the specific case of vape product reviewed, none of the products on this list contain Vitamin E acetate.


Beyond concerns specific to vaping, CBD in general can produce some undesirable side effects. While these are rare and typically only felt mildly, they remain a risk that users should be consider regardless of method of consumption:


  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced appetite


Finally, if you’re pregnant or lactating, the FDA recommends caution when taking CBD as there aren’t enough long-term studies to show the effects of CBD on the health of the mother or children. If you are in this category, it may be safer to avoid CBD entirely.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy CBD Vape Pens?

While we’ve provided 8 suggestions for the best CBD vape pens currently on the market, you can purchase similar products just about anywhere, whether online or at a local smoke shop. However, considering the concerns many have with CBD vape pens, we recommend you follow our criteria when looking for the right CBD vape pens.


Which Vape Pens Use CBD Oil?

Refillable CBD vape pens can take CBD e-juice (sometimes referred to as CBD oil e-juice). However, do note that vape pens are not compatible with CBD oils (tinctures), and you should avoid refilling with vape pen with tinctures.


How Long Does CBD Oil Last in Vape Pens?

While the life you get from CBD e-juice varies depending on the tank, cartridge, or type of disposable pen you have, most have been advertised and found to last for about 100 to 150 puffs.


Will CBD Vape Pens Get Me High?

No! All federally legal CBD products must contain 0.3% THC or less. With this amount, it is extremely unlikely you’ll feel any psychoactive effects or get high.

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